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Sporting goal is the fastest player in the German league

Sporting goal is the fastest player in the German league

The Dutchman made two surgical corrections this season, the first in the right shoulder, which dislocated in October, and the second in the left shoulder, to lose the discomfort. St. Jeremiah wounded St. Juste off the grass 5 months

Sporting target for the coveted defensive upgrade next season, Jeremiah St. Jost is currently recovering from surgery on his left shoulder. An intervention that follows another intervention performed on the right shoulder which, in aggregate, included a pause of approximately five months for an athlete who returned to training scheduled for this week and is now commencing.

St. Jost was a regular fixture all last season with Mainz and this season he’s also started unquestionably, playing as a right-side position in a three-man scheme. But in early October, in a match against Union Berlin, he dislocated his right shoulder, which transferred him to the operating table. He stopped for three months and returned to competition in January, playing two full matches.

But, at that point, he decided to stop again for a surgical correction of the other shoulder. As he himself said, she could have waited for the second operation, but since the first operation went well, and completely freed him from pain, he chose to go to the second, in order to completely eliminate the discomfort that sometimes also occurred. Felt.on the left shoulder.

Sporting is in the process of negotiating with the athlete and Mainz, who want ten million euros. The competition is intense: Leicester, West Ham, Sevilla, Dortmund and Leverkusen are also interested.

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The fastest in the league

Jeremiah St. Juste has at least one characteristic that makes him an outstanding player: according to the official Bundesliga record, he is the fastest player in the competition in recent years.

Since 2011, when the German Bundesliga organization began to officially measure players’ speed, St. Jost gets the best record set at the start of the season with a top speed of 36.63 km/h.

Overtaken is Canadian Alfonso Davies, of Bayern Munich, who is known as one of the fastest footballers in the world who set a record 36.51 two seasons ago. Moroccan Achraf Hakimi from Paris Saint-Germain came third on the list with a record of 36.49 km/h. The 25-year-old Dutchman plays preferentially as a central defender on the right side, but during his career he was also often used as a full-back, and therefore he made the best use of this characteristic.