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Sporting only has 25% of the passes

Sporting only has 25% of the passes

Sporting was stubborn and did not raise the offer for the rest of the Mozambican’s pass; With his brilliance in the first team, the number of left-handed players continues to rise. SAD Leonina opened talks with the logo from the southern bank of the Tagus River to move forward with the renovation of the pavilion.

One of the outstanding issues of the Sporting management is Jenny Katamu, who, as O JOGO knows, entered the field in search of securing an important share from the Mozambican’s departure. With 25% of the player’s economic rights, SAD Leonina negotiates with Amora, in order to obtain a majority share of the footballer’s passes.

Given his use as a starter on the right wing and also his individual prominence with the ball at his feet, Katamu is gaining value. Getting into attack, against Atalanta, was commendable and showed once again that the winger is fighting for a place in the eleventh position. Naturally, his style stands out, and by playing in the Europa League, he quickly became on the radar of other clubs.

As such, Amora’s SAD management refuses to pay the athlete and waits for Sporting to raise the proposal. Federico Varandas’ management had the opportunity to pay €200,000 per year to obtain the full permit. He invested only 200 thousand euros, in 2019, in the Mozambican junior at the time, and considered that such negotiations were still active. However, the deadline has passed and renegotiation will be necessary. Varandas remains strict about the value put on the table and Amora’s SAD is calm and watches how the player’s value increases.

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As O JOGO reported, there was no plan to sell 75% of the player’s pass for less than three million euros. This is an urgent situation for SAD Leo because Gini’s contract expires in 2025 and the intention is to extend it and increase the release clause from 60 to 80 million euros. He played nine matches at that time and was called up to the national team for the friendly matches on the 13th and 16th against Guinea-Bissau and Nigeria.

Negotiation process

SAD was skeptical of the player and Amorim had the final say
Jenny Catamo arrived in 2019, having been scouted at Amoura, but the Lions, who had doubts about the athlete’s value, bought only 25% of the pass. Amorim liked what he saw and asked the athlete to ride and gain experience, to be the solution this year.

Amora rules out paying any amount to the Black Bulls
The Black Bulls Academy received 80% of the amount Amora will receive. However, according to FIFA, the exchange of passes between three clubs is prohibited. Amora thinks he just has to pay the training fees.

The penalty clause for terminating his contract could reach 80 million euros
Dribbling talent arouses the greed of some European clubs. He has a contract until 2025, but Sporting wants to extend the extension and increase the release clause from 60 to 80 million euros.