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Sporting rejected the first proposal to resolve the Shikabala issue, and Zamalek does not give up – Sporting

Sporting rejected the first proposal to resolve the Shikabala issue, and Zamalek does not give up – Sporting

The Egyptian club has a debt of $1.5 million to the striker. The parties are confident of the agreement

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The Egyptian press reported on Monday that Sporting Sporting rejected Zamalek’s first proposal to resolve the dispute, which is based on compensation of $1.5 million (about 1.39 million euros) paid by the African Lions logo resulting from the delay in payment. From the deal (then 285 thousand euros) that allowed striker Shikabala to return – in 2015 – to the club that sold him to the Green and White in 2014.

After almost eight years of successive postponements, with convictions in between, including a TAD (Tour of Arbitration for Sport) ruling, in Switzerland – Remember here At every step of this judicial process – the last few weeks have brought a breath of fresh air with the entry of the new “board of directors” in Zamalek, in this case led by Hussein Labib, but in this department director Amr Adham is negotiating directly with SAD sportinguista and opening this month. He carefully confirmed the intention to reach an agreement.

Despite the numbers provided by the above-mentioned source – Zamalek intends to extend the full payment in four installments – it has become clear register The Egyptians presented a plan that would cover up to 80% of the debt within six months, which contradicts the Lions’ intention of seeing at least 75% of the total amount enter their coffers immediately, arguing that it would take a long time to resolve this issue. Matters, nearly a decade.

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At this moment, the two parties continue to negotiate, but we can also understand that they hope to conclude the proceedings soon, with Zamalek promising to send a delegation to Portugal to put a final end to the matter.

Shikabala, who is currently 37 years old, joined Sporting Club Sporting in 2014, for 225,000 euros, but he left Alvalade the following year, and headed specifically to Zamalek “for an amount of 650,000 dollars (575,000 euros), while Sade received 15%. In future transfers,” the administration announced at the time. The Egyptians did not respect the payment deadlines and the case was referred to court. The aforementioned amount in favor of Sporting increased successively as a result of successive penalties for non-compliance – the famous interest.

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