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Sporting won Casinas in the historic match of Joao Matos - futsal

Sporting won Casinas in the historic match of Joao Matos – futsal

Sporting beat Caxinas 4-1, and for this reason, he will enter the last round in first place, two points behind Benfica. But those bills are for next weekend. In Joao Rocha’s ward, the Greens and Whites began to lose, but they did not want to spoil the party for Joao Matos, who became the record holder in the Lion Games: 605.

The beginning was a dream for visitors and Raul Moreira. The 17-year-old, after only 3 minutes, looked aloof after the ball fell to his feet after a fruit star, overtaking Geeta. The lion was a bit stunned and would have suffered a second, had it not been for the Brazilian guardian to steal his moment of glory from another young man, Lucio Rocha (16).

If the kids were the ones causing the adults ‘problems, Sporting wagered on the same strategy and … reaped the rewards, with Zeke, at 6′, making a tie. From here, despite Caxinas’ good replica, it was always open to Leonin formation. Even before the break, Cavinato, who was back to score after seven days, and Thomas Baku made the “order at home”.

With 3–1, the Lions all came out in the second half to try to solve the problem. The one who tried the most was Merlin, but Thiago Sacramento and the Flatiron (the Italian who did this three times) were winning duels. If the guardian was flawless in stopping the magician, he smeared the board, at 26 minutes, and offered Polita 4-1.

The tone remained, but was not effective at this point. The chances to the end were many, and Merlin continued to try the goal, but without success, and the result did not change any more.

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In the end, Joao Matos spoke of the brand: “It’s unbelievable and a source of pride, but I hope the kids we have on the team will outdo it.”