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Sporting's groundbreaking launch pad: Alvalade for real odds - Sporting

Sporting’s groundbreaking launch pad: Alvalade for real odds – Sporting

On Sunday, 6pm, Sporting Tondela will witness the first game of a leading interactive platform, resulting from the partnership between the Lions and Petano. In this sense, in Estádio José Alvalade, it will be possible to visualize the game’s “possibilities” in real time – quotes given for a particular event – as it is happening. “Sporting CP draws again its innovative genes and will be one of the first clubs in Europe to embrace this new dimension of the Betano phygital experience, which proposes to combine what happens in the games played in Estádio José Alvalade with the wide range of possibilities available for betting on the digital platform”, It can be read in the information provided by the Alvalade Club. In addition to Betano, the initiative also has finger technology from 4YouSee Arenas, which “integrates between the betting platform and its content management system, in addition to effectively managing the space, so that the information displayed on the platform is mirrored. In digital lines, paying particular attention to the moments the different game and the possibilities that will arise.”

“Sporting CP is one of the first European clubs to use this kind of dynamic communication on the field. We think this is a very important step for the club and for Sportingguistas partners and fans, as it allows us to be part of a completely innovative and impactful digital experience”, affirmed Miguel Botelho de Sousa, Business Sector Manager at Sporting CP.

Victor Kazam, Account Manager at 4YouSee Arenas, gives a “concrete” example of the journey from… Coates: “We are excited to apply technology to display updated odds in real time, a tool that is still under-discovered in sports venues around the world. Therefore, the most important thing is to show the correct information for each moment, such as a corner kick and the probability of Coates scoring. I think it will be influential for fans who enjoy betting and watching their favorites and will also increase Betano’s communication to follow the matches of Sporting Lisbon.”

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Finally, Jose Almeida, Marketing Director of Betano Portugal, praised the project. “We are very pleased to take another step forward in our relationship with Sporting Lisbon and to be able to provide fans with information and betting opportunities that are placed in the context of game events,” he said.