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Sports Highlights: Gyokeres plays Swedish, shuffles and deals cards

Sports Highlights: Gyokeres plays Swedish, shuffles and deals cards

The striker destroyed the Vizella defense (again) and has already equaled Coventry's tally of goals last season (22)… in half the matches he played.

Man of the Match: Jeukeris (7)

In the fourth minute, the first yellow card decided for Swede Pontic, in the 18th minute, the striker incredibly failed a few meters from the goal, hitting the post hard. In the 24th minute, the request continued, now he shot at the number, and in the 38th minute another attempt, this time with a header, shot the ball over the goal. It looked like he was going into a dry break. It seems… In the 45+8 minute, due to the double move from the Swede, a draw will be achieved and Pontic wins the first duel. As if it were a hammer, he hit, hit, hit, exhausting his opponents, taking mistakes, some of them hard, until the prize came: he made it 5-2, with another powerful shot. He even started giving the ball to Bragança, but he came back and chose the foot that he felt was best. Two goals against Vizella in the first round, and two more now.

Aden (5) — The Sporting goalkeeper spent the first half watching the game through binoculars, but the ball grew twice before his eyes. One scored a goal and the other went wide. More of the same in the second half. He conceded a goal through no fault of his own, and only in the 85th minute did he finally block an easy shot from Bosnik, which he fired from a very long distance.

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Eduardo Quaresma (6) — Vizella's goal went through his own area, but the responsibility falls to Esgayo. She even helped the team keep Vizilla under pressure.

Coates (5) He was close to shooting on goal in the 9th minute, but in the 41st minute he stood out defensively with a cut that saved him from a counterattack. In the 63rd minute, he had reason to complain about the lack of Essende, who at one point pulled him in the shoulder area, but he took the initiative and had the body and maturity not to lose the duel. He did not even have time to worry, in the 72nd minute he reassured the team with a victorious header. The first goal in this edition of the league.

Gonzalo Inacio (6) – A little work from a defensive point of view, an opportunity to integrate, with the ball on the foot, whenever possible, into the team's attacking work.

Esjayo (4) – He did not participate in the free kick taken by Matthews Pereira, which raised doubts and led to the team winning 1-0. The violation was attributed to Hjulmand. But then, as the play unfolded, he got distracted and didn't even notice Soro moving behind his back, which would end in a 1-0 score. He tried to get involved offensively, and he always gave an effort.

Hgulmand (6) — Directly in contact with the ball, on the boards, in sets, it was linked to the foul (?) from which Visela's goal would come. He came out in the 61st minute and was performing well in the match. He has already received a yellow card.

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Pedro Gonsalves (6) — Sacrificial role, as the midfield is far from the goal and decision-making areas, forcing them to take more risks to gain advantages. Therefore, errors and ball losses increase, and the opponent is constantly monitored. This was the case in the first half, but in the second half the performance increased. he looks like. A fine free-kick in the 72nd minute headed Coates over, then a simple, easy pass, another assist, and now Gyokeres made it 5-2.

Nuno Santos (6) — Headed dangerously in the fourth minute, but the ball went to Hugo Oliveira's arm (very close to his body), then Gyokeris sent 1-1 (18), but the Swede missed a powerful shot. He tried his luck in the 25th minute, but missed the target, and in the 38th minute he resorted to the trevella to get to Gyokeris' head. The second half was less aggressive, I kept everything under control.

Trincao (7) – A beautiful escape on the right side in the fourth minute, completed by a perfect cross headed by Nuno Santos. And with the right foot. He was consistently ambitious during the first half, with possession, dribbling, and dangerous, unbalanced passes. Great way to start the second half: escape, another, right, pass to Gjokeres, which turns into a goal, as no one touched the ball and it went towards the goal. In the 57th minute, another beautiful cross was followed by a goal, this time an assist for Paulinho. He has a well-adjusted left foot.

Paulinho (7) — In the first half, he missed some positions in the middle of the Vizela area in which he had space to perform better and saw a disallowed goal, but in the 45+8 minute he did the dirty work in the area, applied pressure and won the ball with his header which would go to Gjokeris with a score of 1-1. He was also off to a 2-1 start. No exception to the show, it was also very important. The 3-1 score, which he created, was born from a mistake he himself suffered. He left at 79 minutes to a standing ovation.

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Daniel Braganca (6) He entered in the 61st minute and performed well. He played an active role in the 5-2 match, recovering the ball and participating in the play that culminated in a goal from Gjokeres. It could be preparation for the League Cup.

Edwards (-) – He came on in the 79th minute and was seen avoiding an opponent or two… before taking it too far and ending up on the pitch without fail.

Rafael Pontillo (-) – He entered in the 90+1 minute, in his first appearance in the league.

Essugo (-) — came on at the 90+1 minute, without any impact on the match.