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Sports YouTube channel Why Octagon Live was blocked

According to the news displayed to YouTube users, the sports channel was “shut down due to persistent or serious violations of the YouTube Rules, unreasonable practices and other violations of the Content or Terms of Service”.

The founders of Kanaz Sportovy announced on stage on Thursday afternoon that they were in the process of clarifying the matter. – We want to get multiple inquiries and provide correct answers. We explain the matter. We will come to you with relevant information! – Posted on Kana ர்ட Sportovy’s Twitter profile.

– We encourage everyone to subscribe to an additional sports channel. Let’s show how big our community is! – Underlined. – This is not our decision yet. We work. Thank you for your countless messages of support – added Matthews Borek.

After 6 p.m., the game channel was banned. However, there is no episode of the show “Octagon Live” in which, among other things, a fight between a woman and a transgender athlete. “Transgender people should not be allowed to take part in MMA fights,” one accused.

Deleting the channel was commented by Michael Pol, co-founder of the “Kanaz Sportowi” project. “The whole thing gives a lot of food to think about the future,” he said. – During the reaction, it is good to see that true friends are in poverty – as said.

This is not the first sentence for Kanas Sportov

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In recent months, a 7-day ban on publishing new content has been imposed several times on the sports channel. At that time, the premiere shows were aired on an additional sports channel.

Live broadcasts on the sports channel were interrupted in the second half of December last year after copyright infringement was reported from a subsidiary of Cyfrovi Bolsat. The creators of Kanaz Sportovy sued Cyfrovi Bolsat for this, demanding an apology under their guidance and a payment of PLN70,000. PLN for the Sibomaca Foundation.

They reportedly banned Kanal Sportov for transphobia. They looked at a transgender woman and laughed that she should not fight with U women, Maja Stakko said.

Currently, Kana ł Sportovy is not without YT. The KS Extra is a “spare wheel” that can even break. Either there will be a deal with YT or – or whatever – you want to create your own streaming site on the Internet – said Krzegors Kita, sports marketing expert and head sports management Polish.

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– Unfortunately, creating a business based on the mercy of a third party is always associated with risk, especially when it comes to fingerprinting and socio-political topics. – Evaluated by Marcin Cosman, Video Game Manager.

– Game channel yt removed for misleading content. For example I checked if there were Russia Today or Sputnik Bolska channels and they were not misleading – Marcin Herman noted. If it is true that KS was blocked for the opinion of the woman who was the master, but she still has male skeleton and testosterone levels and does not beat other women, it means that freedom in YT words is over. This is not only bad for YouTubers, ”said Mikas Piyazowski of Interia.

– எடுத்தSportowy_Kanal photographed will be a big problem for the growth of ouYouTube in Poland. Try to persuade sponsors and journalists to continue cooperating on the disappearing platform. In a situation where Sputnik or Go Against Current is broadcast in any situation, it is a bizarre decision – criticized Bolshaya Thebaduje Foundation chairman Conrad Kilzen.

Last weekend, the first issue of the volleyball magazine “Seat I Made” was shown on the sports channel, and the joint show of Christoph Stanowski and Robert Masurek was announced. Some Twitter users speculated that the first episode of the Stanovsky and Masurek series may have been blocked by important statements about a transgender man from the United States, who, after converting his gender from male to female, clashed with MMA with other women.

– One day you are there, the next day you are gone. Lack of clear rules on online auditing can be disastrous. # Independence Act should be implemented immediately – Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Calletta commented.

Game channel on YouTube for a year and a half

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In turn, at the end of August, the author’s show “Let them Speak” debuted – a series of interviews with athletes and celebrities interested in sports.

Kanaz Sportovy has been in operation since the spring of last year, with its owners and leading creators Christoph Stanovsky, Tomas Smokovsky, Michael Pol and Matus Borek. Currently, it has 564 thousand. Subscribers and products posted there recorded a total of 190 million views (in addition, the additional sports channel has 185 thousand subscribers and 36 million views of content).

Last year, Kana Sportovi reported sales of 2.53 million PLN and 123.9 PLN. PLN Net Profit. Krzysztof Stanowski announced this year at the end of last year. The company expects PLN to generate 7-8 million in revenue. Thanks to the extra contracts postponed for Euro 2020 and the Summer Olympics.