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Spotify can launch a new Plus plan for just $1 a month

After Google revealed its new YouTube Premium Lite plan, it appears that Spotify is also running some tests for a cheaper service with some perks for users.

According to the gate the edgeSpotify is testing a new “Spotify Plus” plan, which will basically be a cheaper subscription for just $1 per month. This plan will be an improvement over the free plan, as users still have ads on the platform primarily, but they have the advantage of being able, on mobile devices, to choose any song to listen to and switch to another song from the playlist in an unlimited way.

Remember, the free smartphone plan has a limitation that users can only listen to playlists in shuffle mode and can’t submit songs more than six times per hour.

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This new plan can be a great bet for those who just need these two features, and don’t quite want all the extras of the more expensive premium plan. Note that the platform will still have ads in this format – in the case of Spotify for desktop, there will be no changes.

For now, this subscription is still in beta, so it won’t be available to all users. It is still unknown if the platform has plans to expand its availability to more countries in the coming months.

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