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Spotify continues to test artificial intelligence and wants to help create playlists

Spotify continues to test artificial intelligence and wants to help create playlists

As AI becomes more prevalent among users, it’s only natural that services like Spotify will start testing how to take advantage of it. We’ve seen this before, but now it takes a new form. The largest streaming service will roll out new tests to help users create playlists.

There are several areas where Spotify seeks to improve. This music streaming service wants to make it easier to use and therefore uses new technologies to achieve this, while ensuring maximum quality of its display to users.

With tests already underway in the area of ​​AI integration, it appears that Spotify is investing in this area once again. A recent discovery revealed that there is now a new field that should integrate with AI mechanisms and will give users more simplicity.

@robdad_ How long have they had this update on spotify. Now they've got chatGPT to create our own playlists...and also what is House Exploration #Spotify #to update #there ♬ Heavy metal fans overlap - jinxknsaudios

We're talking about Spotify playlists here, which will soon be completely automatically generated. The user will only have to provide the necessary information, as he does today to create content or images in services dedicated to artificial intelligence.

From what he saw, and Posted on TikTokUsers will have a new option dedicated to these menus. You will then be asked to enter the correct prompt, indicating your favorite styles and even the artists you want to include in these playlists.

As usual, an end date for these tests has not yet been set, and not everyone can use the new feature. Spotify has already acknowledged the news, but warned that it is testing new technologies, as before, and that not all of them end up gaining ground.

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After seeing the Spotify AI DJ, now is the time to test the move towards creating playlists using AI. It will be an essential help for users and will make this process simpler and, above all, smarter.