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Spotify Match: The feature combines friends' history to create playlists and show compatibility

Spotify Match: The feature combines friends’ history to create playlists and show compatibility

A few months ago, Spotify announced the Match function, a playlist generated by the platform’s algorithm, which mixes songs from a user’s history and those from a friend. Today, the service confirmed that the new feature is out of beta and is available globally and will arrive with some improvements.

It’s been a while since Spotify was last introduced, but the service certainly hasn’t stopped thinking about innovations for audio-hungry users. Next to Better playlist customization, to the statute I started showing GIFs and send it Notifications about favorite artists. almost The small launcher and shortcut bar should stay in a new look.

With Match, Spotify will display likes compatibility scores that briefly reveal how similar the user’s and their friend’s musical tastes are. This will happen every time a playlist of this type is created, regardless of the identity of the users involved.

Also, like the “Wrapped” feature – which is usually created by the company at the end of each year – the Match function will create shareable Stories that reveal some intriguing details about the songs and artists on the playlist.

Spotify also claims that the functionality comes with a new custom cover image for each playlist, making it easy to find in the library.

All users can now test the functionality. However, if you’re a Premium user, you’ll still be able to find out who the user has contributed to a particular song being in the playlist through the “Your or my?” feature.

To use Spotify Match, simply select the “Create Match” option on the “Made for You” page of the Spotify app for Android or iOS and invite a friend. When the invited user accepts the proposal, the platform will take care of everything else.

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