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Square Enix at E3 2021 |  Where to watch, what time to start and what to expect

Square Enix at E3 2021 | Where to watch, what time to start and what to expect

a Square Enix It comes to E3 2021 with a full slate of games and the promise of more news. The studio continues the momentum of resuming franchises Final Fantasy e Dragon Adventure, but also bet on other projects to show that they can satisfy different types of audiences. Whether for the Japanese or Western split, Promise is a very diverse show.

It’s worth noting that Square recently returned to holding its own conference. Until then, I only participated in events Sony e Microsoft to show off your games. Now, without having to share the stage with other companies, you have more time to better detail your news. But what next?

Where do you attend the Square Enix conference?

The Square Enix conference will take place at E3 2021 on June 13 at 4:15 p.m. Brasilia time. The broadcast should last about 40 minutes and will be made by Youtube and Twitch Inc. To make it easier, check out the following links:

what are you expecting?

For starters, keep your anger in relation to Final Fantasy. Although everyone is looking forward to the second part of Final Fantasy VII RemakeThe chances of getting any news of her are slim — not least because she just won a PlayStation 5 release with exclusive DLC.

Previously Final Fantasy XVI It might even appear, only in an unreleased trailer to show that development is progressing and that it should arrive soon PlayStation 5. Gameplay scenes or a release date are already riskier bets.

On the other hand, a recent rumor indicated that Square Enix will be working alongside Team Ninja responsible for the games in the series. Nioh, To bring Final Fantasy Origin. This game, according to rumors, will be more like it Evil spirits e blood borne, but within the realm of the RPG franchise.

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Still in its Japanese division, it recently announced two new ones Dragon Adventure. the first one is Dragon Quest XII: Flame of Destiny, the new chapter of the popular series in which only one logo has been released, and E3 is the perfect stage to provide more details about the story and its characters. Observe the success DQ xiUsing the gallery to show off these new things is totally understandable.

Also, she has Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake, which maintains the Square Enix tradition of creating weird names, but remakes one of the most classic games in the franchise. In this case, it had already shown some images, but did not reveal the platform or release date. Is there something coming there?

Previously fall of Babylon It’s for sure. The title has been missing for a long time and now we will know more details about it at the end. So far, all that has been said is that it is being developed by Platinum Games – like Automata yoke – It brings a crazy fighting style that blends medieval and modern elements.

E3 2021 should also be the stage for more news from Forspock. Previously known as Project Aya, the game made a huge impression when it was revealed on PlayStation 5 and since then no one has ever heard of it. Given that it is slated to launch in 2022, he will surely be present at this presentation.

Square Enix has already confirmed that we will have details of the Black Panther DLC for Marvel’s Avengers (Image: Playback/Square Enix)

but guaranteed Life is Strange: True Colors. The new installment of the Dontnod series arrives in September, so you can be sure we’ll be making plenty of time for it. It is possible that we have more information from Life is Strange Remastered Collection on the rocks.

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The conference has yet to get more details on the DLC from marvel avengers. According to the proposed name, Black Panther – Wakanda War He will introduce the Black Panther and lead the players into the world of fictional characters.

Finally, there’s the promise of a new game from Eidos Montreal. We don’t know what it could be, but the studio has the series in their approach The former god e Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Will it be a sequel to one of these games or something new? Well, let’s find out next Sunday.

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