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Imagem de: Square Enix abre canal no YouTube com trilhas de Final Fantasy, Nier e mais

Square Enix opens a YouTube channel with soundtracks from Final Fantasy, Nier, and more

Square Enix now has a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to the game’s soundtrack. In a rather unexpected way, the channel appeared on the platform, acting as an aggregator of several playlists for the songs of many classics of the producer.

The channel separates playlists by franchises, providing tracks for series Final FantasyAnd the chronoAnd the yoke Here you are. But the songs are not limited to their official versions available in games, some playlists also include remastered versions or other versions of original tracks approved by Square Enix.

There really is a huge amount of music, including super old games like Final Fantasy. And the producer has not only committed to his greatest work, but brought the OST as well Balan Wonderworld.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll find the music of every game Square Enix has ever made. For example, the late Eve parasite was excluded. Since the channel appeared somewhat “out of nowhere”, we still don’t have more detailed information if we can expect new additions in the near future.

It is also worth noting that the file Square Enix music channel It appears to have been orchestrated by Japanese representatives for the production company, so most of the playlists and videos have their names in Japanese. But it shouldn’t be hard to find the path you’re looking for. Be sure to comment here which one is your favourite!

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