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Squeezed lemon cuts fat from food?  Nutris suspension

Squeezed lemon cuts fat from food? Nutris suspension

The recipe is simple: eat a squeezed lemon before any main meal. Its followers believe that juicing is able to cut off the absorption of fat from the following foods. But nutritionists say this is nothing more than just a belief.

Lemon does have digestive properties, but they are far from preventing fat absorption.

Nutritionist Omar de Faria explains that when fruit acid comes into contact with the intestinal mucosa, a hormone called secretin is released. It regulates the release of sodium bicarbonate in the body, neutralizing stomach acid in a chemical reaction necessary for fat digestion.

“Secretin sends a message to the liver to prepare it to digest fats. But it is not able to dissolve fats, it only facilitates digestion,” explains the specialist who works in Brasilia.

Furthermore, the fruit contains limonene, a substance found particularly in citrus peel, which modulates the intestinal microflora. Although limonene works to absorb fat, its effect is reduced and cannot negate the effects of a fatty diet.

Is squeezing lemons a myth?

Nutrition expert Bruno Roy says that drinking unsweetened lemon juice to lose weight is one of the most widespread myths. “Juicing creates an acidic environment, which facilitates digestion, but there is no such thing as weight loss. “To lose weight, you need to reduce calories,” Bruno explains.


One of the major complaints of humans, abdominal fat can be a major risk factor for diabetes and heart problems. Although it seems difficult to solve, with simple changes in habits, the situation improves, and as a bonus, it also helps increase health and life expectancy.
Exercising, for example, is one of the secrets to reducing the amount of belly fat and avoiding diseases and other health problems. In addition to improving balance, exercising at least twice a week is one of the secrets to living and aging better.

High-intensity exercises and cardio exercises help burn unwanted belly fat and improve physical fitness. According to a study published in the scientific journal PLOS One, one minute of intense exercise results in respiratory and metabolic changes equivalent to one hour of low-intensity activity.
Avoiding alcohol consumption can make a big difference for those who want to lose that belly. According to experts, it is recommended to drink alcohol in a controlled manner, as excessive consumption is one of the factors causing the accumulation of visceral fat.

The saying that good sleep is essential for losing weight is no longer new. But this time, the statement was published in the medical journal JAMA Network. In the study, scientists claim that improving the duration of adequate sleep can reduce weight and prevent problems associated with being overweight.
Drinking more water is a good strategy to help anyone who wants to reduce their abdominal circumference. Not only does water contain no calories and helps keep your stomach full, but also because it helps with metabolism and the process of burning calories.

Anyone who wants to lose belly fat should also reduce sugar consumption, because when consumed in excess, it turns into stored fat in the area. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet is important to speed up the metabolism and promote the burning of fat accumulated in the organ.
Eating fiber is also important for burning belly fat. This is because a high-fiber diet helps the intestines perform their function better, thus reducing swelling in the area.

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According to experts, controlling stress is another very important point for losing body fat. This is because stress can be a cause of binge eating, in addition to sleep disturbance. Activities such as walking, meditation, sports, or reading can help control the problem

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