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Squid game, Netflix |  The man behind the success of Netflix 'Squid Game' responds after strong accusations

Squid game, Netflix | The man behind the success of Netflix ‘Squid Game’ responds after strong accusations

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk refuses to plagiarize.

The South Korean “Squid Game” series on Netflix has taken the whole world. It has topped the charts in many countries, and the series is now on its way to becoming the most watched Netflix series of all time. The South Korean series follows a large group of people who are invited to complete several rounds of the killer games – but only one of the 456 participants in total can reach the top and finally escape with the big cash prize.

Watch the trailer for the Netflix series here:

Now, however, the mastermind behind the success a little salty is accused of plagiarism. the site UNILAD He writes that many fans have noted that “Squid Game” has many similarities with the Japanese movie “As the Gods Willed” 2014. The 2014 Japanese film follows a group of students who are forced to play a deadly game.

The similarity many fans discuss is that in both “The Squid Game” and “As the Gods Will” participants must play the children’s game “Red and Green Light”. On social media, this has become a big deal about this, as several Twitter users have pointed out:

– I did it first

Now, however, director Hwang Dong Hyuk replies. He disagrees that “Squid Game” copied material from the Japanese movie.

– It is true that the first game (red and green light editor note) are similar, but after that there are no similarities. I worked on “Squid Game” in 2008 and 2009, and by that time, it was decided that the first game would be “Red and Green Light”. Dong Hyuk said at a recent press conference that the Japanese movie wasn’t made until early 2010 daily Mail.

He added:

It’s not something I really want to do, to claim ownership of this story, but if I had to say it, I did it first.

phone error

Recently, Netflix had to issue a statement, pledging to change some scenes, after a Korean man was demoted due to his phone number appearing in the series.

– It’s come to a point where people try to call day and night because they’re so curious. It drains my battery – and ends up turning off the phone, says the guy for the Korean website money today.

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– At first I did not understand why they called, but then a friend of mine told me that my number is in the series, the man adds.

The Korean man’s number actually appears in the first episode of the series, where the main character Seong Gi-Hun receives a business card from a man at a subway station.

As a result of the loss, Netflix and production company Siren Pictures Inc have removed the relevant scenes where the phone number appears and replaced them with new ones.

“We are working with the production company to resolve the issue, and are editing all scenes with phone numbers when necessary,” a Netflix spokesperson said. independent.

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