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Stanislaw Lem Dokorsuk is not alone.  Quote from the Koksiyaski family

Stanislaw Lem Dokorsuk is not alone. Quote from the Koksiyaski family

“Poor is a serious right. They want to be normal, they have sidelined the center, they are trying to make it a radical, while at the same time they want to mention someone” – Jimovit Szkerek Recent Comment 20 years ago The media storm on the words of Stanislaw Lemin. The author’s quote has been circulated online since 2001 in the wake of a critical statement against Olga Tokarsok.

“I would also like to recall that Stanislaw Lem, who was recently quoted on the right in the case of Olga Dokorszuk, wrote about the Koksiyski family.” The author reported on social media today, Quotes from Stanislaw Lem since 2006:

“I wanted to deal with the misfortune that the Kokzyaski brothers were preparing for us – the extreme right-wing options that had recently appeared in Poland, which I did not like very much.” – Lem wrote In one of the columns for “Tykotnik Povsekny”. The text “Voices from the Web” comes from 2006.

The author has recently completed work on his latest book, which will soon be published by Jorn Publishing House. The “Crouching Slavs” begin when the protagonist takes Jaroslaw Kokszczyk to an unknown place. “People start throwing themselves in each other ‘s throats, not because they’ve angry. When they harass each other, they throw each other in their throats, that’s what politicians call’ patriotism.

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The quote from Stanislaw Lemin from 20 years ago is spreading on the web

Parallel to the wave of comments caused by the cyclone surrounding Olga Dokorschuk’s out-of-context report for the Italian daily “Courier della Serra” – some right-wing commentators widely shared Stanislaw Lem’s quote from 20 years ago.

Excerpts from the report are from the 2002 book “Taco Rhes Lem”. One of the politicians who made this section available on the Internet was Janus Corwin-Mike.

“I wanted to write a discussion to the extent that Tokarzuk hurt my feelings, but I decided that sports candles were not worth it because I had to read her book to the end,” he said. Stanislaw Lem In an interview with Stanislaw Perek in 2001.