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Star trial results!  Will go to jail for several years

Star trial results! Will go to jail for several years

On Monday, the final verdict was passed on Rafał Szombierski. The World Junior Championship medalist was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months in prison for causing a drunken accident and escaping from there.

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Former ROW player arrested

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This is the result of Rafał Szombierski’s investigation (he agreed to release his picture). On Monday, the final verdict was handed down to the former fast bowler and bronze medalist of the Junior World Championships. The 40-year-old was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months in prison.

Therefore, the Ripnick District Court upheld the earlier judgment of the first instance in November 2021. At the time, lawyers for former ROW players Rybnik and Włókniarz Częstochowa appealed against the ruling, saying he was being treated harshly. There was also a reservation for the injured side.

– The court did not question the defendant’s clean criminal record, but not all of these circumstances could have been a mitigation measure. Defendant committed the crime while intoxicated and had 2.3 milligrams of alcohol in his blood, as well as fled the scene – Judge Olga Nocon said.

– As soon as he got out of the vehicle, he walked towards the reservation. He was arrested following the intervention of a witness, however he denied in a conversation with police that he had caused the accident. He said he came back from a walk and then he came back from the little girl. Only the accused in this accident is guilty. He led the incident on a flat surface with good weather. He was driving in the built-up area and was not sure about overtaking. His car was technically functional and only the defendant’s behavior led to tragic consequences – Nocoń added.

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During the announcement of the verdict, the judge noted that the incident on March 24, 2020 was a tragedy for the family of the accused and the injured party. But Beta Leshnivska, who drove the car that evening, made no mistake in the incident and sustained serious injuries to his life and health.

– Her misfortune was that she found herself in the path of a criminal who was moving like this. This had to be taken into account. This was properly taken into account by the first trial court – Judge Nocon pointed out.

Rafał Szombierski, legally guilty

On Monday, the court dismissed the defense petitions – which involved, among others, suspending criminal proceedings and conducting community interviews due to alcohol-induced insanity. Judge Olga Nocon pointed out that in the event of a car accident it is not necessary.

– We had previous criminal record documents, documents issued by the Speedway Clubs, a prison opinion and a certificate of use of the care provided by the psychiatric hospital. There is no need to extend these findings with the testimony of the accused’s wife and longtime friend about overcoming the stress of Speedway Rider’s life – Judge Nocon explained.

Judge Nocon also ruled that the costs of the trial would be borne by the state treasury. In this regard, he pointed to the fact that Zombiesky is unemployed and supportive of his 15-year-old daughter. – The opportunity to pay court costs, which is PLN 16,000 In this case, it is illusory – said Nocoń during the announcement of the verdict.

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Zombiesky pays the price for the 2020 crash

Szombierski has been remanded in custody for causing a serious accident while intoxicated. According to the latest court ruling, it will be held there until July 14th. It should be noted that the time spent in jail under pre-trial detention will be credited to the former Speedway Rider for future punishment.

The current problems with the former Speedway Rider are the consequences of an accident in Ul City at the end of March 2020. Raciborska in Rybnik. Zombiersky got behind the wheel drunk and overtook the driver and crashed into a vehicle he was driving. He fled the scene, did not help the victim, when he was arrested by authorities, he called their names and initially provided fictitious data.

Many years ago, Rafas Zombiersky was considered an outstanding talentMany years ago, Rafas Zombiersky was considered an outstanding talent

Under the terms, the lawyer for the former Speedway star could apply for up to 15 years in prison. Eventually, it ended with a 13-year prison sentence, although the district court in Rybnik sentenced the 39-year-old to a lesser sentence.

Beata Leśniewska was involved in an accident with a speedway rider and despite two years from tragic events he has not yet recovered his old life. There is still a fundraising campaign on the internet for the treatment of the injured woman (link below).

– At night, I grabbed my daughter’s hand and asked if she was breathing. During the day, I fed her through an injection probe, washed her, dressed her, and transferred her to a cart. Our life has been like a dream since the accident – said Beta’s father Ireneusz Leśniewski in an interview with WP SportoweFakty in early 2022.

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