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Starfield: Play 5 days early without purchasing special editions

Starfield: Play 5 days early without purchasing special editions

Like most big games, Starfield will come in multiple editions, including two special editions at an additional cost. Among the many advantages of these two versions is the fact that it is possible to play up to 5 days in advance. However, there is a way to get a copy of Starfield early on legally: Enjoy Game arcade and the Premium Digital Edition upgrade.

Premium Digital Edition upgrade is One issue for R$157.45 (with a small discount if you subscribe to Game Pass) which includes a series of content, such as DLC for Shattered Space (when released), a hardcover package, a digital artbook and soundtrack, and, as mentioned, 5 days early arrival from the actual launch of the game. This bundle does not include the game, so it is for those who purchase the Standard Edition and then want to expand the game. However, if you access Starfield via Game Pass-You can buy this upgrade and save.

Even if you are not yet a subscriber and therefore also have a subscription account, you should get early access (and not only that). Certainly cheaper than the Special Edition or Collector’s Edition.

Obviously, all upgrade content is related to the base game. If you terminate your Game Pass membership, you will not be able to play Starfield with all its rewards unless you purchase the game or re-subscribe to the service.

However, the real advantage of this upgrade will also be determined by the cost of the individual Shattered Space DLC, which does not have an official price at this time. We’ve also specified that the update is only valid for the Xbox Series X | version S of the game, not the PC version.

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