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SpaceX satellite internet is getting cheaper in Portugal

Starlink can be the victim of your success story

Starlink, designed by Elon Musk and signed by SpaceX, is the young promise of the private space company, and it has an effectively important purpose. However, it seems that as the number of people increases, the speed of the Internet it provides is slowing down.

Will the service be a victim of its success story?

During the first half of this year 2022, the Starlink satellite Internet service has attracted a large number of customers. According to the company's latest quarterly report Ok noAlong with its increasing popularity, the once-guaranteed speed around the world has slowed.

By the way, in all countries where Ookla operates, such as Canada, UK, US and New Zealand, the average Starlink download speed has decreased, from Q2 2021 until now.

By state, the declines ranged from 9% to 54%. For example, the average download speed of file users starlinkin the US, at its lowest point last year, was about 60 Mbps, which is more than enough for the average person's Internet connection.

Source: Ookla

However, it's still well below the 90Mbps recorded in June. The speed in the US was the lowest on these latest measurements, with other countries, such as New Zealand and France, recording average speeds of around 100 Mbps.

The simplest answer to this slowdown has to do with the ever-growing list of followers. After all, in May, Starlink already had more than 400,000 global users.

Given this scenario, if SpaceX and Elon Musk can guarantee acceptable speeds while increasing customers, Starlink can truly be a successful network.

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