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Starlink’s new portability feature brings internet to mobile homes

There is no doubt that SpaceX’s Starlink technology has, in a way, opened up the horizons of an ever-present Internet, wherever the user is. Although not a pioneer in this type of service, Elon Musk has an ambitious and challenging project that could change the world. Having formed its technology to help Ukrainians, the company is now communicating the long-awaited advantage of portability of its technology.

The new service update will allow users to place the antenna and use the system anywhere. A new customer focus is opened, on mobile homes and more…but it comes at a cost!

The scenarios are now more interesting. We can take the antenna and the router, take them anywhere and use them when necessary. The antenna can now be installed on mobile homes and have an internet connection wherever they need it.

This reference to mobile homes is primarily for all the many questions we asked during our Starlink review, which you can see here.

Starlink mobile... from space to anywhere on earth, but being pushed!

Starlink's SpaceX Internet service is now mobile with a new portability feature. For an additional monthly fee, Starlink subscribers can now eat their "dish" anywhere in their home continent with active internet coverage.

This opens up connectivity to remote places that 5G is unlikely to cover - a potential benefit to the growing number of types of work anywhere caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk responded to a happy camper and Starlink customer, saying, "Starlink is amazing for caravans, camping, or any out-of-town activities."

Restrictions imposed by the company, not the hardware

The Starlink group does not yet support use while driving, that is, while the vehicle is in motion. However, the company says it is actively working on a vehicle transportation solution. Musk previously tweeted about their efforts to come up with an energy efficient solution. The idea is for the user to connect the antenna and the router to the 12v car cigarette lighter and be able to maintain the connection.

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Of course, the challenges of this level did not prevent some owners from using a little "snap" to test the Starlink kit on moving cars. There was some success, but nothing too important!

Power consumption is an important consideration when using motorhome/camping and living on your car battery. According to some reports, the Starlink kit requires 60-70 watts, which is an improvement over the starter (a year ago) that consumed 80-100 watts.

Starlink offers portability on a "best effort" basis, the company says, with users at their registered service addresses prioritizing network resources.

When you bring your Starlink to a new location, this prioritization can degrade service, particularly during times of peak usage or network congestion.

Watch the support page Starlink.

Existing Starlink customers can add portability from their account page, which becomes active immediately. Values, still for the US, add $25 a month, on top of monthly subscriptions already starting at $110 on top of the kit price, which is currently $599.