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Elon Musk Twitter cobrar mudanças funções

start changes? Elon Musk will charge for basic Twitter functionality

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter has been one of the hot topics in recent days. In addition to the business itself and all the issues associated with it, there is now the question of how to manage this social network in the future, especially when it comes to generating income.

The changes are expected to come and Elon Musk himself has already promised them. Now there are new signs that Twitter will soon be able to charge for basic functionality on the social network, in order to get more cash back.

Changes may be coming soon to Twitter

One of Twitter users' biggest concerns is the changes Elon Musk will implement to his new social network. in cbuy this originalThe strongman will enable SpaceX and Tesla to modify what they see fit and thus limit or control what is available.

One promise is how Twitter will generate and manage its revenue. Elon Musk wants to improve management and eliminate what he thinks is excessive, and may even lead to it eliminate jobsTo reduce manager bonuses and even dismiss the current CEO of the social network.

Elon Musk may charge for basic functions

Now there is a new possibility in progress It can be formed. Elon Musk wants to stop relying so much on ads and open the door to other forms of income, while focusing on what Twitter gives users for free today.

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What is being developed is something as simple as embedding tweets on any website. The focus will be on posts that go viral and appear from verified and prominent Twitter accounts.

Elon Musk Twitter Charge . Jobs

There are ideas for further changes in this social network

Another possibility is to invest in Twitter Blue, the subscription service of this social network. Elon Musk wants to lower the price and give the option to pay with dogecoin, in order to attract more paying users, and give you more exclusive functions that can only be accessed in these addons.

It's still too early to tell how Elon Musk will change Twitter and what areas he will focus on. His past shows that he is a pragmatist in running his companies and that he always finds ways to make them profitable. Will this be the way you act on your last purchase? Only the future can prove it.