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Starting Wednesday, WhatsApp will stop working on these phones

Starting Wednesday, WhatsApp will stop working on these phones

“To keep up with the latest technological developments, we have stopped supporting legacy systems,” the company said. (Photo: Pixabay)

Meta, owner of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, announced that starting Wednesday (31), the messaging app will stop working on many mobile phones that do not meet the minimum compatibility requirements. The company performs this “cleaning” periodically.

Depending on the platform, hardware and software change frequently, so they regularly review the operating systems they support and update them accordingly.

Like other technology companies, each year they identify the most outdated hardware and software and those with the fewest downtime users. These devices may also not have the latest security updates or functionality needed to run WhatsApp.

“To keep up with the latest technological developments, we regularly stop supporting older operating systems to allocate our resources to support the latest systems,” so “we will regularly update this page to ensure that the latest operating systems we support appear here,” WhatsApp.

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Samsung Galaxy Core; Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite; Samsung Galaxy Ace 2; Samsung Galaxy S3 mini; Samsung Galaxy Trend II; and Samsung Galaxy X.

LG Optimus L3 II Dual; LG Optimus L5 II; LG Optimus F5; LG Optimus L3II; LG Optimus L7 II;
LG Optimus L5 dual; LG Optimus L7 dual; LG Optimus F3; LG Optimus F3Q; LG Optimus L2II; LG Optimus L4 II; LG Optimus F6; LG approval; LG Lucid 2; and LG Optimus F7.

Huawei Ascend Mate; Huawei Ascend G740; and Huawei Ascend D2.

ZTE V956 – UMI X2; ZTE Grand S Flex; and ZTE GrandMemo.

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Wiko Sync Five, Winko Dark Knight, and Archos 53 Platinum.

iPhone 6S iPhone SE; and iPhone 6S Plus. In addition to the Sony Xperia M and Lenovo A820.


That WhatsApp is a part of daily life for most people on the planet is no secret, but the app has some hidden tools that can improve the lives of many users. Among these features are improving the quality of photos and increasing the privacy of conversations using biometrics.

It is common for images sent via WhatsApp to be of low quality. What many users do not know is that this is happening due to the default configuration of the app. Reduces the size of the images to save space on the device. However, it is possible to modify the conditions to obtain a higher accuracy. – go to settings; – then access storage; – enter the quality of the images; Select how you want to set the image resolution.