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Statements by Benfica Porto Jorge Jesus

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Press Conference

No Luz Stadium, The classic from round 31 of call us, Between Benfica and Porto, it ended in a 1-1 draw. At the end of the challenge, in a quick interview and at a press conference, Jorge Jesus He emphasized that the Murshiden team “did everything to win.”

Eagle coach recalled the missed “different opportunities”; Explanation of what he meant by alternatives that were made; Acknowledged the importance of the support provided by Benfiquistas from Seixal to Lisbon; Leftist criticism of the referee, Artur Soares Dias; The batteries referred to the Portuguese Cup.

Exciting game and opportunities for Benfica

“It was a good game for those who watched, in the face of passion and goal opportunities. More for Benfica, especially in the last half hour. Benfica makes it 1-0, with Everton scoring through a singles match.” [23′]Then FC Porto became better than us until the end of the first half, but we kept the advantage. In the second half there was always more Benfica. In the past 20 minutes, basically, we’ve had loads of opportunities. Porto created difficulties in the dead ball, because they are strong at this, but Benfica is also strong at that moment in terms of defense. We were only interested in victory. I want to congratulate the Benfica players, because they knew how to move on to a better stage in the match, even after the goal was exposed. We went looking for two goals to one and had a lot of chances. The team did their best to win the match. “

Benfica Porto

Five alternatives analysis

Darwin created bidding after bid [pelo corredor direito do FC Porto]. I saw the right place was there for us to enter, and so it was. Adel [Taarabt] And Gabriel and Julian [Weigl] He already had yellow and strong Gabriel in the air ball; Adel is not afraid of possessing the ball and pushing the team forward, and he still has a great chance with a shot from the crossbar. All three got into well. We felt better, but didn’t win, and frustration left. The other substitutions … are almost finished and will not change anything? It is not entirely so. Matches are won and lost in the last second. I put them down [Gilberto e Pedrinho] On the test because Diogo Gonçalves already had a yellow card and when Luis Diaz went to one he was afraid to raise his foot. Beasy left because he was physically exhausted, then also psychologically due to the goal being canceled [90’+2′]. “

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Benfica Porto

Thanks for the warmth and passion of our fans

“I am sad not to win the match due to the warmth and passion of the fans from Seixal to Estádio da Luz, even though I knew we were no longer champions. The true fans are: those who participate, those who are struggling. We see hundreds of supporters to support them and we have to respect that plus Square.” Symbolism of the club [Rotunda Cosme Damião]. We cannot pass as if no one is there. We thought we should stop the bus to thank the fans and be able to feel the emotion. Benfica have won 10 of their last 12 matches, lost one and tied in another. He is making a very powerful second turn. They deserved that we won the victory to offer them. It was nice to see this support, they are all united and watched. “

Benfica Porto

Criticism is the object of criticism

Of course that had an effect on the outcome [árbitro Artur Soares Dias]. I’m talking about expelling Bibi, because it’s his decision, not the video assistant’s judgment. It is forbidden to play twice because he does not give you the second yellow card and the resulting red card. Then we put the fast ball into play and nullify that move. In addition … it is a goal that is not a goal [de Pizzi, foi invalidado pelo VAR por fora de jogo]Penalty kick that was then scored no [primeiro sobre Rafa, depois sobre Diogo Gonçalves e que o VAR também reverteu]… There were always many decisions against us. There are details that we feel any way the scale is. He’s a good referee, but sometimes, with experience, certain referees manage matches as they see fit. Benfica has 101 official goals [em todas as provas] And a penalty [na Liga NOS]. It must be unique in the world. There were cases when they suspected of harming Benfica. “

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Benfica Porto

Win the cup and … see the Super Cup

“I see a lot of people doing the math … None of this will satisfy us, nor change the idea I had for Benfica, but we still have a final match.” [Taça de Portugal com o SC Braga] Which could give us a chance to win two titles, because by winning the Portuguese Cup we will be discussing the Super Cup. For me, it will always be a lost season, but there is a title we can win, which is the Portuguese Cup and it’s the second most important tournament on the calendar. In addition, I am not giving second place as the loser, even though we have four points with three rounds remaining. If Benfica is second, winning the Portuguese Cup and Super Cup is, for me, a lost season. “

Benfica Porto

Important training for Portuguese clubs

“It is true that there is a team [Manchester City] This is in the final [da Champions] With three Portuguese players [João Cancelo, Rúben Dias e Bernardo Silva] And another [Ederson] Who, not Portuguese, also played for Benfica. This is a sign of the Portuguese player’s appreciation. There are several teams, in addition to the Big Three, that do well in training in Portugal. Our country will always be a seller. The best clubs will be formed at the end. This is a way to help teams financially. In fact, the aid is more financially than in sporting terms, because clubs have no chance to secure it. Look at the example of Robin Dias, despite the fact that he left as captain for Benfica, unlike Cancelo and Bernardo, who have yet to confirm their presence in Benfica. It’s part of the balance of teams, and training is important in that regard.

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