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Statements on genocide: - Increases pressure on NATO countries

Statements on genocide: – Increases pressure on NATO countries

Tuesday said US President Joe Biden He believes that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine. Professor Sven J. Holtsmark of the Norwegian Defense College said this puts more pressure on NATO countries. At the same time, he presents criticism of Ramsalt to the Norwegian authorities.

When Biden uses this word, it is natural to increase pressure on all NATO countries to help Ukraine financially and with arms shipments. Norway is a good example here, because Norway consistently behaves as one of the worst companies in its class, and also when it comes to financial assistance to Ukraine. Norway was not among the countries that took the initiative to help Ukraine, to say the least.

Holtsmark is Dean of the Norwegian Defense College and Acting Director at the Ministry of Defense Studies.

He stated before the resignation of Odd Roger Inoxen (Sp) from the position of Secretary of Defense Dagbladet The government is constantly studying what and how many weapons it can send to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense explained to Dagbladet that this is still in effect, even though Norway has a new Defense Minister – Bjørn Arild Gram (Sp).

NATO: US President Joe Biden and NATO President Jens Stoltenberg. Photo: Kevin Lamarck/Reuters/NTP
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Strong escalation

First, in a speech, Biden referred to Russia’s actions as genocide. Subsequently, Biden told the press that he used this description because it was becoming more and more clear that Russian President Vladimir Putin was trying to eradicate Ukrainian identity.

Biden has been quoted as saying he believes it appears that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine, but will leave it to experts to decide whether it can legally be called genocide. There is clearly a sharp escalation of vocabulary on Biden’s part, but he is not the only one to believe that Russia is committing genocide in Ukraine, Holtsmark says.

The professor points to one Chronicle recently published in Aftenposten in which he and Associate Professor Sigurd Sørlie conclude that Russia is at least laying the groundwork for the genocide in Ukraine.

The statements of the Russian side no longer deal only with regime replacement and de-Nazification. Now there is talk of attacks on Ukrainian identity, nationality and culture, and then we are very close to what is included in the usual definition of genocide.

Super weapon: British anti-aircraft missile “Starstreak” is faster than the speed of sound and can hit three places at the same time – now the weapon is being sent to Ukraine Video: Thales / Youtube
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A big and dramatic development

FHS researcher Ståle Ulriksen told Sjøkrigsskolen Dagbladet that Biden’s comments represent a large and exciting development.

– It’s a big and dramatic development. If you define it as genocide, you commit to punishing those behind it and trying to prevent it from happening, says Ulriksen to Dagbladet and quotes from Genocide Convention Article 1

“The Contracting Parties affirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law and undertakes to prevent and punish it.”

Ulrichsen says it’s clearly crucial for Biden to refer to Russia’s actions as genocide, all the while the United States is the largest and most powerful country in NATO. The researcher also says that in a short time one will have an answer on how this statement affects development.

– For example, Slovakia has now also said that it is ready to assist Ukraine with MiG-29 combat aircraft, he recalls.

Ukraine loudly called for more and more powerful weapons. In the past, Poland has said it is ready to supply fighter jets to Ukraine, but the United States and NATO as a whole are skeptical so far.

Arrested: Putin critic Vladimir Kara-Murza was arrested hours after he appeared in an interview with CNN on Monday, April 11. Video: Dagbladet TV / CNN
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Weapons help

Professor Holtsmark says one should try to prevent crimes, but the question is how to do it.

Indeed, the West can limit or try to prevent genocide in two ways: sanctions and arms delivery. There are no other tools until you have to intervene militarily, Holtsmark says.

He thinks it is quite clear that Ukraine is now at war with the West.

– As I understand it, it is in the self-interest of the West to help Ukraine with whatever help it can, as quickly as possible. The alternative might be that we are forced to intervene directly – with unforeseen consequences.

Both Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his relative Counselor Mikhailo Podoljak Comment on Biden’s remarks. Zelensky refers to them as real words from a true leader, and writes that naming a spade a spade is absolutely necessary to resist evil. At the same time, he reiterates the urgent need for more and more powerful weapons to prevent the Russians from committing more crimes.

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