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Stay or leave Formula 1?  This is Ferrari’s decision

Stay or leave Formula 1? This is Ferrari’s decision

a Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna confirmed on Wednesday, in an interview with North American News Agency bloombergIt never occurred to him to leave the Formula 1 world championship.

Scuderia has not been the world designer champion since 2008 (when Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen were second and third, respectively, in the drivers’ table), but the bet on the method is to continue.

“Many technologies can pass from the track to the road (…). There is a way to improve, there is a way to learn. We have to build a car that is always better than the previous one,” the director said.

For now, remember that Ferrari is fourth in the Constructors’ Championship, behind Red Bull, Mercedes and Aston Martin. In terms of drivers, Carlos Sainz is sixth, 112 points behind leader Max Verstappen. Right behind him is Charles Leclerc.

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