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Stay tuned for these new privacy settings

Stay tuned for these new privacy settings

Google has updated the privacy settings for Chrome. If this is your default browser, you may have seen a colorful advertising privacy window. You may have clicked “I understand” without understanding what changed. Well, no Digital look Explain you.

For those in a hurry:

  • Google has updated ad privacy settings in Chrome;
  • They are divided into three categories in the browser settings: ad topic, site-suggested ads, and ad measurement;
  • Google says this is better for your privacy than older tracking methods, but it’s still tracking;
  • The advice to protect your privacy as much as possible is: deactivate the switches in each of these categories.

If you’re concerned about your data and privacy, here’s a tip: Take five minutes to learn more about what’s happening and what settings you can change in Chrome. It’s just that Google will not automatically modify the elements that best protect your privacy.

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Google Chrome and advertising privacy

(Image: copy/google chrome)

New ad privacy management features help protect your identity and give you more control over how advertisers choose which ads to show. At least, that’s what Google says, on… Chrome help page. This change is part of the company’s promise to phase out the use of tracking cookies in your browser.

Translation: It’s a new way for Google to track what you do on the web to help advertisers target their material. Google says this is better for your privacy than older tracking methods. But this is still being tracked. Those who care about their privacy may want to disable it.

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To look into this, do the following: Digital look Published a step-by-step guide on how to disable data tracking for ads):

  • In Chrome, go to Settings;
  • Click on “Privacy and Security”;
  • Select “Advertising Privacy”;
  • Another way: Click on this link (using Chrome).

You’ll see three options – and for maximum privacy, you can turn them off one by one. If the switch is grey, it is deactivated, if it is blue, it is still active. Check out what each one means below:

Advertising topics

It’s a feature that uses your recent browsing history to discover topics that interest you and show you ads tailored to you. If you’ve spent the week browsing dog-related websites, you might come across an ad for a dog bed, for example. Google says these topics are deleted after four weeks, and if you keep them turned on, you can see the list for yourself.

Ads suggested by the site

It’s an option that allows individual sites you’ve visited to come to similar conclusions about what you might be interested in and shows you ads for that on other sites. If you keep this option enabled, you can later manually block individual websites from the same screen. But it is easier to stop this immediately.

Ad measurement

It allows different websites and advertisers to share information about you to try to figure out how well their ads are performing.

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