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Steam and Epic Games Store are invited to use the Microsoft Store

One of the biggest changes in Windows 11 is the Microsoft Store, which finally looks set to make major improvements — including support even for apps built in Win32 format. This would surely captivate developers to make their apps available on the platform.

However, there is also a focus Microsoft intends to target: gamers. More specifically, Microsoft is hoping that platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store will make some of their titles available directly through the Microsoft Store.

Panos Panay, CEO of Microsoft, revealed in an interview with the portal the edge Who hopes that developers will use the Microsoft Store as a way to reach more general users on the platform. Not only that, but Microsoft hopes that anyone can sign up for it – and are encouraged to do so – with a primary focus on the gaming market.

Microsoft’s long-term plan is clear: to use the Microsoft Store as the central platform for Windows to access apps and games in general. So far, the picture of the Microsoft Store has been somewhat confusing, with interesting apps in it, but also with some less acceptable variants of a Store that claims to be the “core” of Windows.

Let’s see if the arrival of Windows 11 can change this mindset.

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