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Stefan Lofven, Sweden |  Stefan Lovin:

Stefan Lofven, Sweden | Stefan Lovin:

Swedish Prime Minister comes with a compromise proposal to save the government.

The row that could lead to the downfall of the Swedish government revolves around the contentious issue of releasing rent rates for newly built homes, and therefore Löfven urgently held a press conference on Sunday.

Sweden is in a dangerous situation. We are in a health crisis with the pandemic, but we are also in an economic crisis. The pandemic continues to affect us all. So our country does not need to fall into a political crisis. Lofven said in the introduction that the government sent a compromise proposal on rental rates, and thus the parties were invited to dialogue.

The parties to the housing market can negotiate until September 1. Therefore, the parties in the housing market get the opportunity to find a solution together. “We agree that we must find solutions that do not plunge Sweden into a political crisis,” he added.

If the parties agree, the government will agree.

It was the government’s action with the rental price proposal that prompted the Left Party to withdraw its support for the government. In principle, then there is a majority in favor of a no-confidence vote on which the Swedish parliament will vote on Monday.

– political reforms

Annie Love, the leader of the Center Party, was concerned that solutions should be found.

Fraudulent alliance merged. They acted irresponsibly, even during a pandemic with only a year left to choose. We need politicians who take responsibility and provide solutions, Loew said.

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– We have made important political reforms. She added that we must do more for the rental market and therefore we need reforms to improve the Swedish housing market.

Loew stressed that the proposal made would not guarantee that rental rates would be higher for tenants in the UK.

compromise proposal

The Swedish government and its supporting parties have come up with a compromise proposal on rent rates that they hope to rescue the government, according to SVT. Then announcer Experiments, this is the proposal that will be presented at the press conference with Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and Center Party leader Annie Loew at 11 am.

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The proposal allegedly means that the parties in the housing market will be allowed to negotiate a solution to the contentious issue of setting rental rates.


The Swedish government risks rejecting the no-confidence motion on Monday. The government has hoped to avoid a crisis, and this weekend has engaged in intense political talks. A majority in the Riksdag made up of the moderate bourgeoisie and the Christian Democrats, as well as the Left Party and the Swedish Democrats, declared that they would vote for it.

If the government joins on Monday, Sweden will have a transitional government. At the cabinet meeting on Sunday, decisions will be made on many issues that a transitional government cannot decide, according to the radio.

It will take another miracle for Stefan Lofven to get past that, says Mats Knutson, local political commentator at SVT.

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Regulating the rental housing market

The controversy that could fall into the Leuven trap revolves around the regulation of the rental housing market. A proposal by the government in favor of free determination of rent. The market is currently regulated, and rent is determined based on the used value of the home, not market value.

If a motion of censure against Leuven passes, he could ask to resign immediately or declare new elections within one week. Any new elections must be held within three months. Parliamentary elections next year will take place anyway as planned.

– This is a very dangerous situation. We are in the middle of a pandemic and the worst economic crisis since World War II, says Finance Minister Magdalena Anderson.

The last thing Sweden needs is also to suffer a political crisis. And she continued, “Everyone who now holds various responsible and leadership positions should take a step back and think about how we can now act in the best way for our country.”


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