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Stefanos Tsitsipas tackles John Isner at Roland Carros

Stefanos Tsitsipas tackles John Isner at Roland Carros

Stephenos Tsitsipas faced a big challenge when he faced John Isner in the first lap of two hard work, but not letting up the set. His countrymen were not very allergic to clay, and the American had something in his game to make a citadel hate. Starting with the usual slammed service beyond 200km / h prevents the opponents from developing their game.

In the first round the Greeks suffered without finding a solution. Not sharp enough when rare transitions occur, and there is no space to place on the teeth for chiropractic. There was a real risk of seeing World No. 5 kick out and out of his match. Tension was evident in Chitsipas’ body language and in his clan box.

However, two factors soaked the match in his favor. Rain first. This was not enough to provoke Philip-Chatterjee to close the roof of the court, although it weighed in on the clay to the point of punishing the US service a little less. It was at the peak of the ambient humidity that Citsipas made the first break, which allowed him to balance in a race everywhere. The second element is Isner’s lack of money.

Chitsibas regains his composure

Because, if the American had often done miracles on the web, he would often have arrived late, which would have given an opening to his enemy. Extending to the tie-break, the third set began to draw Isner and increased the power from the citadel. A feeling was quickly confirmed with a quick break from the Greeks who took over the match at the start of the fourth set. He was no longer going to loosen his grip on Isner’s face less and sharper. Here he is now in the 16th round, in line with the expectations attached to his status. He will face a spot in the quarterfinals, followed by Steve Johnson striker Spaniard Pablo Carreno Pusta (n ° 12) in the afternoon.

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