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Stellantis will launch 8 models by 2026 with 800 kilometers of autonomy

Stellantis will launch 8 models by 2026 with 800 kilometers of autonomy

Stellantis has introduced the new platform, STLA Large, which it says is highly flexible and compatible with 100% electric vehicles, forming the basis of a wide range of future cars, crossovers and SUVs in the D and D segments. For global markets.

The new platform will initially be used in the North American market in Dodge and Jeep models, followed by Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Maserati and other brands, and by 2026 eight vehicles will be launched based on the new platform.

“Creating a family of vehicles from a set of components that are well-designed and flexible enough to span many vehicle types and drivetrains, beyond the performance of any of our existing products, will satisfy customers across each of our brands. Iconic. Flexibility and speed This platform is our hallmark and will be the driving force behind our success in electrification in North America.said Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis.

The new platform will be available with a choice of 400 and 800 volt electrical architectures. The three-in-one electric drive modules (EDM), which includes the motor, power inverter and reducer, can be installed in front-, rear- and all-wheel drive configurations. The power inverter uses silicon carbide semiconductor technology to reduce power loss. Drivetrain performance can be improved over the life of the vehicle through over-the-air software updates.

Stellantis explained in a statement that the new platform “It has the ability to support extreme power that will outperform any of the current Hellcat V8 engines.”and the goal of “A total range of 800 km for the saloon and is designed to readily accept future energy storage technologies when they become available for production.”.

It is reported that as part of its electrification strategy, Stellantis is investing more than €50 billion over the next decade to achieve 100% of passenger vehicle sales electric in Europe and 50% of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles sold in the United States. By 2030.

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