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Stephanie McMahon is the new interim president of WWE

Stephanie McMahon is the new interim president of WWE

a Scandal involving Vince McMahon It was one of the hot topics in the past few days, with the owner WWE already announced Resignation from the position of your company president.

During Statement made on WWE’s corporate websiteIt was also announced that Stephanie McMahon will serve as the interim president of WWE while the investigation continues.

It was Stephanie McMahon He left the company in May For personal reasons, he has now been appointed by the special committee investigating this scandal as interim president of WWE.

In the statement, Stephanie McMahon said that she loves WWE and will do everything in its power to strengthen it, and that it is extremely important to have a safe work environment in the company.

The new interim president of WWE also says that she is focused on cooperating with this investigation, to find out the truth about everything that happened.

Did you expect Stephanie McMahon to succeed Vince McMahon?

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