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Steve Jobs had 10 billion euros but his children never saw a cent.  the money?

Steve Jobs had 10 billion euros but his children never saw a cent. the money?

Last October 5th was the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death. With a fortune of more than 10 billion euros, who inherited money from the famous CEO of Apple?

Steve Jobs died 12 years ago

When you create the most valuable company in the history of mankind, it makes sense to have a lot of money. This was the case for Steve Jobs, who on the day of his death amassed a fortune of 10.2 billion euros.

An inheritance of this size was supposed to enrich many generations of his family, but his children never saw a dime.

Two days ago, the anniversary of his death was celebrated, which fell on October 5, 2011. His obsession with changing the world drove him to do so, to change it.

Not only has it redefined what technology can be. He created a company that employs more than 100,000 people. It has made an entire sector as important as it is today.

Only two people were mentioned in the will, the rest went to charity

The question that arises is clear. If Jobs left 10.2 billion euros when he died and his children inherited nothing, what happened to all of this?

Well, two names appear in Steve's will: Lauren Jobs, his wife, and... Lisa Brennan, his first daughter - who was not recognized for many years. The idea was to compensate her for the long period in which she was ignored and left to fend for herself.

Steve and his newborn daughter Lisa, June 1978

His children Red Bull, Eve, and Irene Siena were not included in the seer's will and therefore did not receive any money. The main reason is that because of the education they had, they did not need money. They do well enough at their jobs.

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On the other hand, the vast majority of the wealth was destined for... Charity. Lauren herself was responsible for distributing and allocating funds to combat inequality and climate change, among other causes. It did this through several associations and NGOs, although the ones that stood out the most were Waverley Street Foundation The Emerson Collective.