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Still burning in Liseberg

Still burning in Liseberg

A major fire at Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg remains out of control, and a man has been reported missing.

There was still a fire Tuesday morning at the new water park under construction at Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg. This photo is from Monday morning

On Tuesday morning, fire brigades were unable to reach some parts of the burning building. Oceana Water Park, now completely destroyed, was under construction next to Leesburg Amusement Park.

– We could not enter certain parts because the danger is too great, says rescue director Lotta Molander Express. According to her, there is no longer any danger of the fire spreading.

The size of the fire has decreased significantly, but it is still burning in some parts of the building. Therefore, this takes time. She says the risk of landslides also makes work difficult.

Firefighting work continued throughout the night, and the rescue service described the fire as an “explosion.” SVT.

One man is missing

A strong fire broke out at ten o'clock on Monday morning. Black smoke appeared over large parts of Gothenburg throughout the day.

One man is still missing. The man was working in the bathroom, but it has not been confirmed with certainty that he was inside the building when the fire started Monday morning.

Police searched for the man at home and at the hospital, where 16 people sought health care after the fire.

Oceana was scheduled to open this year and is priced at around NOK 1.2 billion. Now only a steel skeleton and ash remained.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, but preliminary information indicates that the fire broke out due to work on the site.

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