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Stop at Gardermoen

Stop at Gardermoen

Munich (Dagbladet): This morning’s Norwegian jumpers traveled from Gardermoen to Munich. The Hoboka match in Germany and Austria begins tomorrow with the qualifications for Oberstdorf.

But one person from the team did not come by plane: national team manager Claes Brady Brathin.

Bråthen was stopped at check-in at Gardermoen. Reason: There was a misunderstanding about whether or not he had coronavirus.

“Even though I had a valid corona certificate, the person behind the counter interpreted it as if the test result was positive,” Bråthen Dagbladet told Bråthen Dagbladet.

Whether he will be able to make it to the playoffs tomorrow is still an open question. The rest of the team – now in Germany – is on its way to the podium test in Oberstdorf.

In place in Germany: Halvor Aigner Granrod on his way out of the airport in Munich. Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland
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The test must be completed for a certain number of hours before you can attend the qualifying qualification at Schattenbergbakken.

Brathin was desperate in the morning hours when the others, not him, got on the plane. But he has now cleared up the misunderstanding with the airport authorities in Gardermoen.

– It is true that I tested positive on December 14th. The person behind the counter interpreted this to mean that I could not travel for 28 days after I tested positive. But once you’ve been vaccinated, completely different rules apply, he says.

I finally made them realize I was able to fly and the plane was rebooked. I landed in Munich at 5:30 pm. .

He confirms that he is in quarantine and that “he has now finished serving his sentence.”

Country: Players waiting for a flight at Munich Airport.  Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland

Country: Players waiting for a flight at Munich Airport. Photo: Tori Ulrich Bratland
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No one is to blame for what happened:

It’s boring not to catch a plane. In today’s situation, you just have to expect problems to appear all the time. After all, Brathin points out, it’s not those at the table that are to blame.

It is the system that demands explanation. I am certainly not the first – and certainly not the last – to experience this.

The national team manager does not know where he was injured when he tested positive on December 14. He tested negative yesterday, and there was no doubt that he was fit to fly after a double vaccination.

– Does this have any consequences for Hoppuka’s preparations?

– He might have something to say given the employment there. But the most important thing is for the athletes to get off without getting into too much of a mess.


Learning can be good for Joachim Odegård Bjøreng. It was also infected and would come down to Hoppuka later. In this way, it can be a useful experience. I am happy to tolerate the delay if it ensures reduced risks for some athletes later this winter, says Brathen.

Magnus Brevig, a sports scientist for the jump squad, says the jumpers are now on their way to testing in Oberstdorf.

In order not to experience any major shocks, they also tested themselves in Norway before leaving. Daniel Andre Tandy stated that he did his part on the job.

Hoppuka begins in Oberstdorf and continues in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Then it was time for Innsbruck and Bischofshofen in Austria.

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