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Will be back: Tetiana Pichonchik in New York to meet with different UN countries to talk about what Ukraine needs and how they can help. On Wednesday, she visited the Norwegian delegation to the United Nations.

NEW YORK (VG) Human rights activist Tetiana Pisunchik has embarked on a perilous journey across the border into Poland. So that everyone can travel to New York and seek help from the member states of the United Nations. This weekend, she’s back in Ukraine and the war.


– What choice do I have, Pechonchik said when asked why she chose to return to her homeland, which has been under Russian attack three weeks after her arrival in New York.

In his homeland, Pechonchyk heads ZMINA – a non-governmental human rights center that has been working since the annexation of Crimea to document human rights violations in Ukraine.

– Now we see major war crimes being committed by the Russian army – and the strategy is to frighten the Ukrainian people until the resistance movement is dismantled.

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‘Stop Putin’: A clear call from a Ukrainian human rights activist.

Sleeping in the subway

When the war broke out, she slept on the floor of the Kyiv subway. When the first explosion was heard over the capital, I woke up from what I thought was a bad dream.

Since then, its 20 employees have been evacuated – and these days it is working to persuade some UN member states about why and how to provide assistance.

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Inside, friends and colleagues fight on the ground against Russian forces.

General Assembly: On March 2, 141 countries at the United Nations voted in favor of the resolution condemning the Russian war in Ukraine. Five countries voted against. 35 abstained from voting.

– In the early days I was physically ill. I couldn’t eat or sleep. But as the days go by, and when you control your panic – you start to think ‘Where my country needs me’.

With 17 other organizations, “Ukraine 5 AM” has started. The Alliance collects and documents war crimes.

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My goal is to convince people to stop Putin now. If it isn’t stopped, it will move forward, she says Call when asked what you want UN countries to contribute.

On Wednesday, she met a Norwegian delegation to the United Nations at their office in Manhattan.

– It is shocking to hear how Tetiana describes the situation in Ukraine and the fear that millions of people are now experiencing, with the massive bombing of apartment buildings, death, suffering and families divided, Norway’s Ambassador to the United Nations Mona Gul tells VG.

At the same time, I deeply admire the way she and other civil society representatives are still mobilizing for action, including by traveling here to New York to seek help from UN member states to end the war.

On the Security Council: Norwegian Ambassador to the United Nations Mona Juul.

‘pressure on Russia’

In different parts of the United Nations, since the beginning of the war, several extraordinary meetings have been held on the worsening situation in Ukraine.

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under it The first vote in the UN Security Councilwhere Russia sits as a veto power, the decision was blocked by Russia itself.

Then the Security Council went to it A historic step to hold the General Assembly – which is made up of all the member states of the United Nations.

Here, only five countries voted against the resolution condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

We are now applying as much collective pressure as possible on Russia to stop the war immediately. We have a UN General Assembly resolution behind us, Gul says.

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Ask for help: Pechonchyk comes with a clear prayer for the nations of the United Nations.

Since the resolution was approved, Russia itself summoned the Security Council to the meeting, which was previously done by Norway’s ambassador to the United Nations Confirm to VG this is Russia’s attempt to change the narrative.

Russia announced earlier this week that it wants to address the humanitarian situation in Ukraine and wants the Security Council to vote on a motion for a resolution. But, on Thursday, they said they didn’t want to display it as they claim Unparalleled pressure from Western countries.

The attacker, who does the worst, sits in the Security Council and prevents and writes a resolution on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, she said when asked if she believes that the United Nations as a body alone can stop Putin.

– As if a man who rapes women should write a decision regarding the humanitarian situation of these women.

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So she spends her time in New York talking directly to various UN countries, so she can contribute more humanitarian aid and increase support for weapons and other military equipment. It also highlights the extent of its desire for international rescue workers, and reiterates the desire to stir controversy No-fly zone over the country.

There is no way for us to survive without the collapse of the Putin regime. The system is based on oil and gas. The most important thing, says Peshonchik, is to prevent Russia from everything, until its economic system collapses.

Juul tells VG that the UN is now helping to get facts about what is happening on the ground, among other things by documenting civilian killings and the humanitarian crisis.

– Russian war propaganda spreads misinformation and tries to deny and hide the brutal violations for which they are responsible. Based on UN reports, among other things, Norway helps refute stories that Russia believes legitimize their war actions, says Gul and adds:

One of the most important things that the United Nations does specifically for the people of Ukraine is to lead the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Expectations are low: Pereshonchik points out that Russia has a veto at the United Nations.

will return

When she left Ukraine, she was taken in a bus full of women and children across the border. On the way she had to pass through various checkpoints. She says the trip is not safe these days.

It’s hard to believe this is happening, but it does. Their strategy is that if they can’t beat, they will be destroyed.

She doesn’t want to use the word “escape” about the route she took to get to New York. She says she will come back.

– I have received many invitations from many countries. I have friends and family and have been offered to move my organization out of the country, but why would I do it? I want to be with my people