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Stop putting your smartphone in rice when it gets wet!

Stop putting your smartphone in rice when it gets wet!

This is something we’ve seen a lot of people do. For some reason, people drop their smartphones in water and put them in rice. It’s something that repeats itself over and over again. However, the best advice we can give you is: stop doing it and we’ll explain why!

Stop putting your smartphone in rice when it gets wet!

The rice trick has been around for centuries, and we’ve probably all done it there. But where did this idea come from?

Many sites have long given this suggestion. In fact, there are publications talking about this since 2007. The claim is that dry rice absorbs moisture. However, the same reasoning has since been repeated.

Of course, the trick certainly preceded the smartphones. However, it is becoming more common than ever with these devices. In practice, they are expensive, brittle and do not like water.

Unfortunately the trick doesn’t work

As hard as it may be to hear (or read in this case), the truth is that putting your smartphone in rice does absolutely nothing. In fact, in addition to being delicious, it doesn’t have magical moisture powers. In fact, it does the same thing as putting your smartphone in a completely empty container.

Rice has some ability to absorb water. However it is very limited. It also does not solve the main problem. It’s just that not even silica gel can absorb the most harmful liquid, which is inside a smartphone.

smartphone rice

But why do people believe in rice?

it is easy. They put it in rice, unplugged for several days. However, if the water does not penetrate too much inside the smartphone, it will end up drying out. Then of course the equipment will work. But people attribute it to the power of rice. But the truth is that the great savior has been leaving the smartphone quiet for a good amount of time.

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To make matters worse, rice can add to water damage in some cases. “Powder” from fine rice can enter the ports and mix with water to form a paste-like substance that is difficult to remove.

How to save a wet smartphone (if it’s not waterproof)

The secret to keeping a smartphone wet isn’t necessarily waiting for it to dry. This can work if we’re lucky, but it’s best to remove as much water as possible ASAP. Just letting it dry can cause problems.

If your smartphone has been submerged in water, the first step is to turn it off or let it turn off. Don’t give in to the temptation to see if he’s connected. Then you should remove anything that can be removed. This includes the cover, the tray SIM cardmicroSD card tray and battery (if removable).

Then you can use a fan or compressed air to blow the water out of the doors. However, this will not do anything for the water that has entered the smartphone. To remove the water, you must open it. From there, you can rub it with 90% isopropyl alcohol or place it in front of a fan.