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Stores in the US may abandon the physical format in early 2024

Stores in the US may abandon the physical format in early 2024

According to unofficial reports, two of the largest store chains in the United States are preparing to stop selling games and movies in physical formats, whether Blu-ray, DVD or others.

He also participated in it Indoor gamesDigitalBits said BestBuy is preparing to end the sale of the physical format before April 2024, something the company has already officially confirmed, but only for movies on Blu-ray and DVD, while maintaining the sale of physical games, for now.

Josh Fairhurst, CEO of Limited Run Games, decided to respond to the post of the popular game WarioWare64 on the social network

Fairhurst says he’s heard talk about Walmart’s plans to stop selling physical Xbox games as early as 2023, but the plan will continue through 2024 and will also apply to other platforms and movies.

The video game and movie industry is rapidly moving towards the digital format and it seems that stores are tired of fighting this trend.

In the West, the digital format dominates, especially in the US, something that is growing with recent incentives such as early access to games in premium digital releases.

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