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Storms in California – continue to wreak havoc:

Storms in California – continue to wreak havoc:

The US Meteorological Institute described Sunday in California as “one of the most dramatic weather days in recent times.”

The storm was caused by an atmospheric river thundering over the state that, according to the institute, will continue to cause major problems in the most populous state in the United States.

  • In Los Angeles, there has not been two days of heavy rain since 2004, and the rainfall amount is already among the fifth highest in 150 years.
  • In the state, three people have so far lost their lives after trees fell on them.
  • About 38 million people have received flood warnings.
  • Power was cut off to about 350,000 homes and businesses on Monday morning.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass on Monday asked residents to stay off the roads while authorities dealt with flooding and landslides.

“Don’t leave the house unless absolutely necessary,” Bass said Washington Post.

Because the risks are not over yet and the rain will continue.

– There is still a lot of rain to come. Ryan Kittle, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, says the rain is torrential Los Angeles Times.

Bass explains that there is still the potential for significant damage, even if the rains subside.

She warned that this crisis is not over yet.

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