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Straight from the AF Porto area, this is truly a must-see!

Straight from the AF Porto area, this is truly a must-see!

“The ball is in the chest. bike. the forest! It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it's our Spider-Man!

There are only two rounds left until the end of the first stage of the Elite League of the Porto Football Association, but, this Sunday, Leça FC retained first place and It can be considered the winner Series 1.

Leça da Palmeira beat CD Candal by a score 3-1scored three points, and in between there was a wonderful goal.

Dear reader, you may not be a regular follower of the Portuguese regional championships, but there is a name you should know. He is 28 years old, a forward and a running back Make yourself heard Inside the four lines with a real goal worthy of Puskas. The name is Domingos costume.

Domingos costume
AF Porto Div, Elite Pro-Nacional 1 Series 23/24

24 games 1692 minutes
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In the 28th round of the tournament, he made sure to make another appearance – and we've already explained why he made an “again” appearance.

The first half of the clash with CD Kendal had begun when the Caxinas-born striker received a cross to his chest and, instinctively, bicycled the ball towards goal. Miguel Guedes, goalkeeper of the Villa Nova de Gaia formation, stopped on the field.

But this is not the first time Domingos' uniform has been mentioned. After all, in January and in the clash between Leça FC and Vila FC, he scored one of the obvious goals himself and celebrated. He went all over the world.

After scoring, the striker ran to the touchline, approached the bench and celebrated in Spider-Man mode. He took the mask of a well-known and recognized superhero from the world of cinema marvel They began launching (fake) networks in the direction of the masses.

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He takes the Domingos costume Nine goals and nine assists This season with Leça FC, in what could be one of the best seasons (in terms of numbers) of his career. But, beyond the numbers, he has already proven to be one of the great symbols of the AF Porto region.