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Strange programs on Windows 11?  Microsoft installs the application without permission

Strange programs on Windows 11? Microsoft installs the application without permission

Windows 11 is increasingly becoming the default system for PCs. Even as Apple grew, Microsoft managed to almost completely dominate the panorama. The software giant’s system is now facing a new problem, as Microsoft decided to install applications without users’ permission.

A program on Windows 11 that no one asked for

With each passing week, Windows 11 proves to be an increasingly capable system with new features for everyone. The arrival of AI into the Microsoft ecosystem ensures that new doors are opened and new functions are created to automate and accelerate its use.

Although it's grown and improved, Windows 11 has introduced some ridiculous situations that were unexpected. The latest one showed how Microsoft can control existing software and determine which applications are on our computer. Without any license, the software giant installs HP Smart software on Windows 11 and 10.

Microsoft is installed without permission

This may be a normal situation if the user has existing branded printers or other peripherals. The trick is that it is installed on computers that have nothing to do with HP and do not have access to any peripherals from this manufacturer.

From what can be known, this installation is done through the Microsoft App Store, using the well-known Microsoft Store application. Reports are increasing as users find this application in the list of installed applications on Windows and also under the Start menu, ready to use.

HP Smart can be removed without any problems

In fact, this is a completely harmless application that has no effect on Windows 11 or 10 users. It only takes up disk space, without running or consuming other resources. However, it should not appear, because it does not have user permission to install it.

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Of course, Microsoft has already realized this situation and this problem. Make sure you evaluate the situation to correct it as soon as possible. As for Windows users, you can simply remove the HP Smart app. However, it is not guaranteed that Microsoft will not reinstall it on Windows 11 or 10.