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Stranger Things removed from Steam and GOG

Stranger Things removed from Steam and GOG

Aiming to add games to the platform from 2022, a Netflix You may be planning to get rid of licensed series titles from digital stores. this week, Stranger Things 3: The GameAnd Inspired by the popular series from the broadcasting giant, announced that it will not be sold on PC, in stores such as Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

In a statement on Steam, developer BonusXP thanked the players who made the purchase Stranger Things 3: The Game. “We are so grateful to all the Stranger Things fans who traveled with us in the summer of 1985 for this adventure through Hawkins,” he said.

Anyone who owned the game in these stores before it was removed will still have full access to it. What changes is that new players will not be able to find the title to purchase on PC.

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The move could indicate that licensed games, based on Netflix’s works, should land directly in the service’s catalog next year. Next to Stranger Things 3: The GameThe company launched The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance Tactics For all platforms.

NS content from Weird things He will leave too dead by day, an online game that combines many villains and heroes from the production of horror films and video games.

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no netflix games

In May, Netflix announced that it will enter the gaming market in 2022. The movement was boosted in July of this year, when It has hired former Oculus VP of Content Mike Verdu as Vice President of Game Development.

The idea of ​​the service is to face the competition, and expand with the launch HBO Max And Disney +, to scale Offers For subscribers with games.

Away from stores like Steam and GOG, games Weird things It can be played on mobile phones via the Netflix app in Poland.

Netflix is ​​testing subscription integration with in-app games available in Poland (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

She said Netflix Games Weird things Provided through your app will not contain ads or purchases and will be included in subscriptions.

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