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Premier Mateusz Morawiecki i wiceminister spraw wewnętrznych i administracji Paweł Szefernaker ogłosili wyniki pierwszego naboru w ramach Rządowego Funduszu Polski Ład: Program Inwestycji Strategicznych. Jak przekazano, pieniądze trafią do 97 proc. polskich samorządów. Za kilka tygodni ruszy kolejny nabór wniosków o dofinansowanie. W Faktach RMF FM i na sprawdzamy dziś, jak decyzję o podziale środków komentują samorządowcy i jakie dokładnie inwestycje otrzymają dofinansowanie.

Strategic Investment Plan: How was the money distributed?

Polish Government Finance Order: The first recruitment results under the Strategic Investment Plan were announced by Prime Minister Mathews Moravici and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Pavos Posernecker. As announced, the money will go up to 97 percent. Local Governments of Poland. In a few weeks, another call for funding applications will begin. RMF FM Facts and RMF 24. In PL, today we examine how the decision on funding allocation is described by local government officials and which investments will receive funding.

As explained by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Paves Posernecker, each local government can submit 3 applications under the Strategic Investment Fund of the Polish Order. In total, 8,000 of them received more than PLN 93 billion. The amount the government had was more than PLN 23 billion. It was earmarked for 4,000 investments.

All voivodship cities received the support of the Polish treaty Posernecker announced. Funds will flow to Gdańsk on the main road from the S6 Bypass to the Tri-City Bypass – the first phase of this road can be funded thanks to the Strategic Investment Fund of the Polish Agreement. – He explained. Big cities often applied for major city investments. It has more than PLN 85 million to connect residential and service areas in Katowice, more than PLN 114 million to modernize road viadux in Warsaw, and PLN 30 million to renovate roads around the old city in Toruń. – Counted the Deputy Chairman of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration.

From Bogotinia to Sezni, from Świnoujście to Ustrzyki Dolne – all self-government Poland, communes and districts. 97 percent of Polish local governments are able to utilize specific investments under the Strategic Investment Fund scheme Posernecker insisted.

During his visit to Nietzsche, Prime Minister Matos Morawicki announced that “more plans will be shown by the government over time.” They will be a flywheel, they will show what we have proven so far, and can create tremendous value in difficult times – this value is stable, sustainable public finance – he said. He assured that thanks to these reform measures, the government has a “basic” and “solid foundation” for action for local governments under the Polish Convention.

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Young people, there is great energy in where our youth are. They don’t have to go to big cities or overseas. When they leave, all the cities they come to should have opportunities to return to Nitsika, Astrada, Allstein. This is the Polish we dream of, this is the Polish that fits our aspirations – The head of government explained.

Most local government officials from Warmia and Missouri, interviewed by our correspondent Pyotr Pusakovsky, insist on applying for funding on the second call.

Vokorsevo submitted an application for the reconstruction and reconstruction of the community center to increase opportunities (Receipt of money – editorial note) – Vokorsovo Mayor Christoph Konazsevsky told RMF FM reporter. The most important investment work – water treatment plant and road infrastructure. Today, almost all local bodies are fighting against this. Each local government can submit three applications. We want them all to be implemented and receive grants. We know from the initial information that this will not be the case – Lupava Mayor Messrs. Radke observed.

Local government officials from Warmia and Missouri insist that investments are needed, especially when it comes to roads. Miran Six, the deputy marshal of the province, told RMF FM in an interview that better co-financing of individual investments was needed.

The amount of co-financing for investments in Masopolska PLN 1,915,018,024.94. The list, available from the Małopolska Voivodship office, includes nearly 280 items. This includes building a playground at a high school in Weliska, Renaissance of the Tumpsky Palace in Wozniacki, Expansion and Modernization of Water and Sewerage System in Timpark Commune, Purchasing city buses in the Bosnian communeAs well as many road investments.

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It will go to the self-governments of the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship for investments PLN 1 041 695 766. Others on the list of co-financing projects include the construction of a sanitary sewer system and water supply network in the Savno Commune, the reconstruction of streets in the Gluchevo district of Stargard, the modernization of the communal road network in Byrze and Major alignment of the historic bridge over the Riga River in Trzebiatów.

Local governments selected the area where the investments were to be made he said West Pomeranian Voivode Zbigniew Bogucki. All poviats, poviats All Communities received co-funding, Individual, In fact only a few units do not receive this co-funding, but we encourage you to submit applications He continued. He explained that these were large applications in relation to program assumptions for individual units.

There was only one big request and it was difficult to implement it in such a way that the funds coming from the government scheme would be distributed equally and consistently. – Bogie explained.

1 213 204 616, 88 PLN Is a co-sponsor of investments from Pomeranian Voivodeship. Most Money – PLN over 640 million – Expenditure on road infrastructure. Second place in the region was taken by water and sewage infrastructure (more than PLN 227 million), third – Tourism Infrastructure (PLN over 85 million).

The list of co-financing investments in Pomerania includes: Adaptation of the Historical Repository at Soups Construction of a Skatepark in Myastkov, with infrastructure for cultural, social, educational and tourism purposes Construction of Beach Nos. 1 – 7 and 9 Gates at Wadashivvo, Construction of the KOCIEWIE Cultural Center in Starcard Gdański and modernization of the sidewalk.

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PLN 2 138 844 108.06 Amount of co-financing for investments Silesian Voivodeship. In the list of projects with more than 260 supported, Inter Alia, bSanitary sewerage system and water supply thigh Thermal modernization of Elementary School No. 1 in the Mikshiprotsi Pyalsky, in the Paprunik Commune, the construction of a car park near the Health Resort in the Koxaskovis-Jredz Commune, the construction of a kindergarten in Gobish and Reconstruction of two road wires National Road No. 44 – ul. Mikonovska in Taichi.

Lower Silesia Derived from a strategic investment plan PLN 1,682,485,132.16 Co-Fund. Modernization and development of the Nursing Home building complex in Okawa, among other supported projects Improving teaching conditions in schools In ul. Sspakova 1 and Al. National Board of Education in Lubin, Expansion of the sanitary sewer system And a sewage treatment plant in Jordanov Alaski, A bypass construction Krzeczyna Wielki Provincial Road No. 335 i Expansion of selected waste collection system In Zgorzelec.

PLN1 billion will go to local governments in Warmia and Wage. Co-financing will be provided to 132 local bodies. These are both self-government, bovine self-government, cities with bovine rights, urban and rural communities.

Nearly half of the funding for Warmia and Wage is allocated to road infrastructure. Establishing contacts between communes and bourgeoisie, opening our oral opening to investors, guests and tourists is still in great demand in our VoDoship. The Strategic Investment Plan offers us another opportunity to achieve this – He explained Warmion-Mussoorie Voivode Arthur Sozeki.

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