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Street Fighter V will have an unprecedented Luke

Street Fighter V will have an unprecedented Luke

Released in February 2016, “Street Fighter VIt will not have new content at the end of 2021. To end this cycle, which probably indicates the development of the next game from Fighting franchise, a Capcom He revealed that the last character to arrive in the game will be an unsurpassed fighter, look. It will be the last content for Season 5, and will be available from November, on a date to be determined. Watch the trailer:

In addition to the anonymous Luke, the other two characters that will be available in this final part of the game have also been introduced: Oro NS Akira. Both will be released on August 16th.

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origin fromStreet Fighter III‘, Oro is one of the older fighters – perhaps the oldest in the series – who is very powerful. So much so that, to contain himself, he fights using only one arm, while in the other he carries a turtle.

With the addition of new characters, Street Fighter V will, by the end of the year, complete the 45 available fighters. Credit: Capcom/Disclosure

Akira, on the other hand, comes from another Capcom franchise, competing schoolsIt stopped a few years ago. Young, is a proficient in martial arts called Bajiquan and is able to perform aerial combos. The ancient fighting series also appears in another seasonal pass content, The Theater Riviera Rival.

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Luke: A glimpse of Street Fighter VI?

Aside from the surprise that the game’s last fighter was a new character rather than a household name in the series, statements from Street Fighter V director Takayuki Nakayama about Luke caught attention. While presenting the contents of the new DLC, he stated that the new fighter “has a role in expanding the world of ‘Street Fighter V'”.

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The screenshot of the game shows Luke hitting Rio in the ring.
Character can be purchased separately or purchased in the game season pass. Credit: Capcom/Disclosure

“While Street Fighter V appreciates the past, Luke points us to the future,” Nakayama said. The director’s letters seem to indicate that the character will not only have a significance for the current character, as it will for the upcoming “Street Fighter VI”.

Does that also mean that the next “Street Fighter” isn’t too far from being released, either? Since 2020, rumors have been circulating that the next chapter of Capcom’s fighting franchise will already be in development. Anyway, fans can only get more clues when Luke is finally available, in late 2021.

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