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Strong hikes by Jerónimo Martins and BCP take PSI-20 for a maximum of three months - Bolsa

Strong hikes by Jerónimo Martins and BCP take PSI-20 for a maximum of three months – Bolsa

The PSI-20 closed 1.31% gaining at 5,083.29 points with 12 quotes up, 4 losers, and 2 unchanged. The Portuguese index has peaked since January 19, buoyed by sharp gains in Jerónimo Martins, BCP and CTT stocks.

Global stock markets are experiencing another positive session, with focus on Wall Street, as the Nasdaq 100 and S & P500 indexes have already reached new records in the wake of strong GDP growth and above-expected results from listed companies such as Apple and Facebook. .

According to the data released on Thursday, the GDP of the United States recorded A. 6.4% annual growth In the first quarter of 2021, higher than the 6.1% economists estimated and 4.3% in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The gains in Europe are already more modest, but Lisbon has made strong gains, especially thanks to the good performance of Geronimo Martins, who I was surprised by the positive When it comes to accounting to investors.

Shares rose 7.75% to € 15.22 (January highs), after announcing the first-quarter close of 2021 with earnings 58 million euros, up 66.3% over the same period last year.

“Positive deviation reflects stronger-than-expected results in operations, which exceeded extraordinary costs,” plus high taxes in Poland, can be read in a research note prepared by CaixaBankBPI, which companies can access.

BCP also emerged positively, with an increase of 4.44% to € 0.1222, which is far outperforming the European sector (Stoxx Banks gain of 1.36%) which benefits from good results of some listed companies and encourages economic prospects, which could accelerate the normalization of monetary policy.

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It still supports the rise of PSI-20, CTT (3.78% to € 3.84) and Ramada (7.81% to € 6.90). The pressure was mainly on the EDP, with a 1.46% drop to € 4,665, with Renováveis’ EDP value dropping 0.88% to € 20.28.