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Queda de Aerogerador Ecotecnia - Parque Eólico Lucillo, Espanha

Strong winds damage wind turbines at the Lucelo wind farm in Spain

A 75-meter-high wind turbine has completely collapsed at the Lucilo wind farm in the municipality of Santa Colomba de Somoza, Spain.

Wind turbine collapse

according to the information obtained ileon digital diary The wind turbines were completely destroyed, as can be seen from the photographs. In the area where the events took place, there are four wind farms equipped with wind turbines of identical technology.

The five wind farms Cerro Picril, El Pedron, La Malada and Lucelo have a capacity of approximately 120 MW and were commissioned in 2007/2008 and operated by EDP Renewables.

The wind turbines of these wind farms represent the first generation of large wind production facilities built in the province of León, Spain, where the turbine manufacturer was the then Spanish company Ecotecnia, which was later acquired by Alstom Wind and in 2015 by GE – General Electric.

Ecotecnia Wind Generator Crash - Lucillo Wind Farm, Spain
Ecotecnia wind turbine crash – Lucillo Wind Farm, Spain (Source:

It was the first time, as far as we know, that a wind turbine has crashed in Lyon County.

This area is currently experiencing a new wind boom, with many orders for new wind power facilities scattered across the county, with some of these license applications near where this incident now occurred.

The wind turbines at the wind farms in question are already nearing the end of their useful lives for which they were initially designed (20 to 25 years), which time is typical for the wind sector.

Weather conditions may be the main culprit

The reasons that led to this event are being evaluated by the responsible entities, and it seems that the wind turbine collapsed due to the rupture of the tower.

Ecotecnia Wind Generator Crash - Lucillo Wind Farm, Spain
Ecotecnia wind turbine crash – Lucillo Wind Farm, Spain (Source:

Although up to this point the reasons for the destruction of the wind turbines have not been reported, it is alleged that strong winds may have been the main cause of the event.

Very bad weather conditions were recorded in the area where the wind farms are located, specifically with strong wind speeds, with a new record of Wind energy production On the twenty-first of November, with 20,594 megawatts of instantaneous production.

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