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Student can detect hepatitis B profile more accurately

Student can detect hepatitis B profile more accurately

Biomedical student Bruno Carigo, 23, has developed molecular tests that reveal, more specifically, the hepatitis Bresponsible for causing diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma (cancer of the liver cells).

As a result, the tests could become a low-cost option for testing kits for future vaccines that treat liver disease. The reagent was created from a mixture of insect cells and a recombinant virus (Baculovirus), which contains the protein needed for diagnosis.

“The work reveals the possibility of using this combination for the production of diagnostic kits and, in the future, the development of vaccine antigens against hepatitis B for the population. It is a study of great relevance to Brazilian public health,” highlights Bruno.

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The study is the result of the scientific initiation program at the Centro Universitário de Brasília (CEUB) and was developed in collaboration with the Laboratory of Virology at the University of Brasilia (UnB) under the direction of Professor Bergmann Ribeiro and under the supervision of Professor Annabel de Azevedo Lima and his collaborators.

The trial tested 25 samples from patients with hepatitis B provided by the Central Laboratory of the Federal District (Lacen-DF). The antigen has been pre-tested and determined according to the pre-specified disease.