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Student of GDF wins SBPC Prize “Science and Women” – SINPRO-DF

Student Gabriely de Souza Santos (stage name: K7), from Elefante Branco High School Center, was one of the three winners in the high school category of the Carolina Bori Prize for Science and Women of the Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Science (SBPC), for his brilliance in artistic activities pedagogical carried out at the Cia de Teatro Elefante Branco in 2021 and 2022, through the project “Biodiversity, Science, Youth Blackness, Politics and Youth Heroism”

Gabrielli, who is the newest student in UnB’s Performing Arts course, will be heading to São Paulo to participate in the award ceremony, which takes place on February 10.

In the fourth edition of the Carolina Bori Award, 446 candidates were nominated, with 126 in the high school category and 320 in the undergraduate category. From this total, 82 finalists were selected, in both categories. In the second round of evaluations, the committee selected the winners and honorable mentions.

Gabrielli is among the three students who receive a high school award.

K7 (Gabriely) was extremely dedicated to the arts, culture, and social transformation of her schoolmates. Always available to learn, share knowledge and pursue whatever is necessary to successfully carry out production operations. The student showed a lot of empathy and a sense of community. In addition to developing a lot in the written part through the various theatrical exercises that he did. I am proud of this meeting with her, happy with the award and with her acceptance in the UnB entrance exam, proud of Professor Marcelo Delucas, Professor of Performing Arts at Elephant Branco.

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The evaluation committee included, in addition to SBPC Vice-President Miriam Grossi, Directors Ana Tereza Ribeiro de Vasconcelos and Francilene Procópio Garcia, as well as Maria Vargas, member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC), Vanderlan Bolzani, president of Aciesp, advisor to SBPC and founder of the award when he was vice president Entity Chair, and Fernanda Wernick, Principal Investigator and Scientific and Biological Collections Program Coordinator and Curator of the Amphibians and Reptiles National Institute for Research in the Amazon (INPA).

All finalists (award winning and honorable mention) will receive an award certificate, guided tour of the Museum of Ipiranga, and a trophy. The nine winners (including Gabrielly) receive airline tickets and per diem for the award ceremony in person, which will be in São Paulo, and for the 75th Annual Meeting, which will be held in Curitiba (PR). The honorable will receive a prize.

The award ceremony will take place on February 10, in São Paulo, with it broadcast on SBPC’s YouTube channel, at 3:00 pm. The date of the event was chosen in celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, established by UNESCO.

Created in 2019, the “Carolina Bori Science & Woman Prize” is an SBPC tribute to outstanding Brazilian scientists and future Brazilian scientists of notorious talent, named after its first female president, Carolina Martoceli Bori. SBPC – which already has three female presidents, and its current board of directors is made up of the majority of women – created this award because it believes that honoring Brazilian scientists and encouraging girls to take an interest in this universe is a great work in its historical course, as many women were champions of work, years of struggle and success The largest scientific community in the country and in South America.

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