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Study finds that nail dryer gel can alter DNA; You understand

Article published on the 17th by Discover Nature Communications Radiation from nail polish dryers can damage DNA. According to the study, they are It can induce mutations carcinogenic

To come to the conclusion, the researchers exposed human cells of mice to ultraviolet light. In a 20-minute session, 30% of the cells died. Already in three consecutive exposures of 20 minutes it caused about 70% of the cells to die. Those who stayed suffered damage to their DNA, resulting in mutations seen in skin cancers.

Nature Communications has discovered that radiation from ultraviolet light dryers can damage DNA – Image: Unsplash/Dislosure/ND

Study shows manicurists who do gel nails need to shut down. Therefore, enamel polymers must be activated, and this can only be done with UVA lamps.

For researchers, it is essential to be aware of the risks of exposing hands and fingers to UVA light without any protection. One of the ideas suggested in the study to remedy the problem is to apply sunscreen around the nails and use UV gloves with cut off fingertips.

“Unfortunately, complete protection is not possible, so the best recommendation is to avoid these dryers altogether,” says the study.

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