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“sudden”.  Portuguese potatoes are cheaper than Egyptian potatoes when shopping for vegetables in Spain

“sudden”. Portuguese potatoes are cheaper than Egyptian potatoes when shopping for vegetables in Spain

“A surprising fact.” This is how the Spanish press describes the price difference that Spain pays for Portuguese potatoes compared to the same product from Egypt.

Portugal is Spain's fourth major partner in terms of imports (in volume) of fruits and vegetables, according to the newspaper “El Economista”, which cites data from the statistical portal DataComex, of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Last year, Spain imported from the neighboring country 81.62 tons of tomatoes (75.16 million euros), 53.01 tons of potatoes (20.5 million euros), 26.52 tons of citrus fruits (24.02 million euros), and 8.17 tons of bananas ( 6.82 million euros). 1 million euros), 7.72 tons of onions (5.92 million euros), 2.92 tons of carrots, turnips and beets (1.89 million euros).

The Economista newspaper highlights a surprising fact that reflects this nonsense raised by farmers, which is that the value of the 53 tons of Portuguese potatoes is less than the 50 tons imported from Egypt, that is, 20 and 24 million euros, respectively.

In total, Spain's most imported product is potatoes (957 tons), and Portuguese imports account for 53 of this total. France is the main market for this product (668 tons), followed by the Netherlands (80), Portugal (53), Egypt (50), Israel (36) and the United Kingdom (31).

By country, the largest amount of fruits and vegetables (in tons) came from France (823), followed by Morocco (393), Costa Rica (329), and Portugal (315). Netherlands (228) and Peru (228).

However, the same publication points out that the numbers are not directly related to the economic value of imports, given the classification in euros. The value of imports from Morocco amounts to about 800 million euros (793 tons), from Peru at a value of 440 million euros and from France at a value of about 400 million euros (397 tons). This is followed by Portugal with 331 million euros, Costa Rica with 235 million euros, and the Netherlands with 229 million euros.

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In 2023, Spain imported more than two billion kilograms of fruit (worth €2,807,837,265) and more than 1,600 million kilograms of vegetables (€1,252,375,009).