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Suffering from bad odor: – It smells like cat urine

Suffering from bad odor: – It smells like cat urine

On Saturday morning, Swedish emergency services received reports of a mysterious odor affecting southern parts of Örebro.

– We have received reports of a strong odor of ammonia, cat urine or sulfur, SOS Alarm rescue center reported Aftonbladet.

Emergency services were outside and it smelled bad, but they were unable to locate the bad smell.

– We don’t know where it came from, at first we thought it came from Atlerverket, but we couldn’t find anything. We went to several places, the center informed.

Atlerverket is the local recycling station.

The police are waiting for more tips from the public to be able to locate the stench in the Swedish city, which has a population of about 126,000 people.

– It smells bad, says the SOS alarm operator Express.

According to the Swedish newspaper now Several places in Örebro municipality were affected, including Resta and Equipe Almbe. In the town of Polsboda in the municipality of Hallsberg, you can also feel the unpleasant odor.

Aftonbladet wrote that the smell spread eight miles from Örebro.

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