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Summary: Episode 112 - July 27 (Tuesday)

Summary: Episode 112 – July 27 (Tuesday)

* Episode summaries are subject to changes due to the novel’s release

Carlotta tries to comfort her daughter. Mariana complains that she offered to help Thomas and he pushed her away. He wants to get out of there because it’s only a matter of time before Tomás and Fátima meet.

Guida is nervous, says it can’t happen again. Nicole is happy that the movie “Nicoleto” is working, and says that he lied about Dulce, nothing happened at all. She was never with Richard. The two are locked in the room, Manuel enters and Nicolau hurries to say that he just came to help at the door.

Musa asks Paula if there is anything going on between Silverio and Elvira. Paula says they are family and get along well. Paula commented to Sãozinha that it sounded like a jealous sight. Sãozinha immediately interested.

Mariana wants to get out of there, she can’t stand people looking at her with pity. Ask Victoria to go with her.

Thomas talks about Marcio and Carlota making a difference. Thomas tells her that if he finds out that what happened was just her plan, she and Marcio will pay them both. Carlota threatens him again, and says that if she sees him with Fatima, she will tell him everything about Gustavo.

Inspector Cristina has already spoken to Yvonne but she wants to talk to Toseh as well. He’ll ask for a blood draw from Marcio. Silverio hears the conversation and wants to talk to Gustavo, but Fatima will not allow him, because he will destroy everything.

Gida tells her sister about Nikolaou. Jacinta is shocked as she walks with him. Vitoria tells Jacinta that Salvador had a lot of courage to talk to Susenia and that she was very sad.

Nicolau is happy that “Nicoletto” succeeded. Yvonne and Elvira laugh. Vasco goes to get Yvonne and Nicolau comes with champagne to celebrate. Vasco joins the game and sings with him.

Thomas gets angry because Carlotta threatens him again. Gustavo tells him about the blood exchange he made and says he will talk to the lawyer to find out what to do. Thomas wants to tell Fatima everything. Fatima thinks that it is better for Tozeh to go to PJ before he is notified. Toze is afraid of over-talking and getting into trouble.

Carminio packs a bag, and says she has a streak of creativity. Vittoria says she heard her but left with Fausto. Manuel finds the property she hid, and thinks it’s from Salvador, Carmenio doesn’t give up and says he will.

Elvira and Silverio are excited, I tell him that Sãozinha made comments but said no contact, they won’t stop being together.

Marta confesses to Toze that Lina never hurt her and does not know why she is angry with her.

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